Teen Girl Gift Guide

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The one you’ve all been waiting for! Thank you to everyone that sent me ideas. I did have to laugh at some of the items on these teen’s wish lists- Chanel Pumps, Gucci Rings… bring back the days when an old skool lava lamp did the job nicely! ☺️ Actually, lava lamps are definitely back, loads of the teens have requested them. Other popular items were beauty fridges (look out for the StylePro fridge below. It’s currently on offer) LED lights, expensive brands of makeup (I think we need to start locking up our make-up so they don’t get to see how good it is!) GHD Hairdryers, Straighteners and Tongs, fluffy gowns and oodies (had to look that one up!!) and Reading Festival tickets. I’m trying not to think about that one, it brings me out in hives! 😂 Anyway, happy shopping and GOOD LUCK, I hope this helps!

Just working on the Teen Boy Gift Guide now. Coming soon!


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