Teen Boy Gift Guide

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Putting this gift guide together made me realise I have it fairly easy with my two girls, and I feel for anyone with more than one teen boy, because, man alive, they are expensive creatures!

There were a few popular brands that I wasn’t able to link up using the method I use here… End Clothing, (you’ll need to remortgage!) Monterrain and Montirex clothing, North Face Puffers (so hard to find! I have been there and driven the distance to find the last remaining!!) Abyl Gym Gear, and the elusive Jordan Trainers (though i have been given some Insta accounts for rather brilliant young entrepreneurs who can ‘source’! – check out @securecreps @leicestergrails)

I was rather pleased with my LED Jordan light I found on Etsy (linked up below) but god knows if it would be considered naff! You never can tell with teens.

Anyway, I hope this gives you a few ideas at the very least. Good Luck and here’s to winning the lottery to fund these boys and their expensive taste! 🙂

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