My new Fluffier Brows

If you’re a child of the 70’s, it’s highly likely that like me, you plucked your brows to oblivion in your 20s. I distinctly remember my mum telling me to leave my brows alone. She had stood firmly in the ultra-thin brows camp in the seventies and they never grew back! But we don’t listen to our mums when we’re 20 do we?! I know that if pencil thin brows were in fashion today, my girls would be plucking away, despite my warnings, so I feel rather relieved that natural brows seem to be order of the day…for now!

Last year I thought about having my brows micro-bladed, but after doing a lot of research and speaking to lots of people who had had it done, I decided to let them be and use makeup to fill them in instead.

I have been using NYK1 LashForce for some time, and have been so thrilled with the results. I have never had very good eyelashes and for a few years I had eyelash extensions which resulted in very weak lashes that kept snapping off. I had tried other more expensive eyelash serums with disappointing results, so I was thrilled when I saw a noticeable result with LashForce.

Now, there are a few things you should know. I did a poll on Instagram to ask my followers if they had used Lashforce, if they had been pleased with the result.

368 people said it was brilliant stuff, 517 people said it hadn’t worked for them. I was sent some amazing before and after photos, which I think is the only way to truly determine whether a product is working. The resounding comment from those that had had great success was that you HAD TO keep using it consistently (ie every day, twice a day if you can remember) and that it could take up to 7 weeks before you noticed a result. That’s quite a long time to use something every day before you see a result and so I do wonder if some give up on it before they reach that point. I have also noticed that if you stop using it, they go back to their original length quite quickly, so I have kept it up. It’s so easy to apply (like eyeliner along the lash line) so you could put it on before you apply your mascara in the morning? I tend to apply mine last thing at night.

With my new longer lashes, I had started to wonder whether Lashforce would work on my sparse, thinning brows, when NYK1 sent me their newly launched Browforce to try. I had high hopes, but wanted to use it for a good amount of time before I told you about it. It’s been 6 weeks, and I think you can see from this photo I took today, IT’S WORKING!!! They’re never going to grow like Cara Delevignes, that level of brow is not in my DNA, but they are definitely fuller and thicker than they were. There are some unwanted hairs to deal with when lockdown lifts, but I am so chuffed with them after just 6 weeks.

When it comes to beauty, I like to be as transparent as possible, for I am a bit of a cynic myself. So it’s important for you to know that this blog post was not requested, sponsored or paid for. I was sent the product to try and NYK1 operate an affiliate referral scheme. That means that if you shop with my discount code (CHLOE10) which gives you 10 % off, I earn a *very* small commission from that sale.

I love hearing feedback about anything I’ve recommended, good or bad, so please do let me know how you get on, should you try any of their products.

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2 responses to “My new Fluffier Brows”

  1. Karen says:

    Perfect timing as I have recently been using the Lashforce on my eyebrows and have actually started to see a difference although not as dramatic as yours. I was one of the 368 people who saw amazing results on my eyelashes. Such good products. Thank you. 🙂

    • says:

      Oh I’m so pleased you’re having good results too!! So nice to be a me to share products that really work! X

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