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Hello! How are you? It’s been a little while since I last blogged. It’s the final week of emergency schooling here in the UK (I read somewhere that we shouldn’t refer to it as ‘home’ schooling. Home schooling is intentional. This is quite different. ‘Crisis’ schooling is probably more appropriate!) and I am counting down these final 5 days as if there is an exotic holiday approaching. As holidays are off the agenda for the foreseeable, I will happily take the thrill of a tidy house, eight hours without interruptions and echoey Zoom lessons in every room of the house. I can’t say I am looking forward to the challenge of getting my three up, uniformed and to school on time, I know it’s going to be quite painful. But hopefully it won’t be long before their body clocks have adjusted and their enthusiasm for journeying to school returns. (Who am I kidding?!) They have become far too used to lessons with one eye open in their pjs and I am really looking forward to ridding myself of the constant worry and guilt I’ve felt about their education, excessive screen time and lack of face to face social interaction.

As it’s been a while, this post has no theme. It’s a roundup of things that I have spotted, bought and tried in the past month.


These leather loafers from Next are a recent purchase, and were immediately comfortable on my feet. That’s my test these days. They have to be IMMEDIATELY comfortable. I have decided life is far too short to break in shoes, even the beautiful ones. Unless of course, you are the Queen, who reportedly employs someone to break in her shoes! 🙂

I have been eyeing up these Chloe sandals since last Summer, and decided to treat myself to them for surviving crisis schooling… they arrived and as soon as I put them on, it felt like I was walking on a plank of wood with my feet bound in stiff canvas. So they are all boxed up and waiting to be returned. But the loafers are staying. Loafers are such a great option for Spring when it’s not quite warm enough for sandals and you want something a little smarter than trainers. Last year I bought the taupe Gucci Princetowns and unlike other designer purchases I have made in the past, I think they were a sound investment. Apart from being insanely comfortable, they go with everything and really elevate an outfit. I may have just convinced myself to save up for the black!

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Get the Look

  1. Blue Jeans – £40 from River Island
  2. Quilted Bag – £100 from Stories (This is on my wish list!)
  3. Grey Alpaca Cardigan (I have this cardigan in an XS, it is oversized)
  4. White T-shirt – £15 from Arket (My favourite white tee)
  5. Horsebit Loafers – £85 from Stories

Two recent purchases I am thrilled with…

  1. Slippers from H&M – £17.99 – these sold pretty quickly but there are still a few sizes left.
  2. Smartphone bag – this might seem like a crazy purchase, but it has actually been so useful for my dog walks with Teddy. I tend to go without a bag, and usually have my phone in my pocket along with treats and his lead, so having my phone hanging has been really good! (I am wearing it in the photo above)


On the beauty front, I have just taken delivery of these Cryo Globes. Having seen my friends Ashley and Flavia raving about these, I had to see for myself. You do need to keep them in the freezer before use, so that does require bit of forethought, but if I can stick to my daily shot of Symprove every morning for almost 18 months now, I think I find a system that works for these. They are said to shift toxins that linger under the eyes, and boost oxygen flow at the skin surface… I will be sure to report back.

I have been using the new Kate Somerville ‘KateCeuticals’ range since it arrived ten days ago. *pr products sent with no obligation to share*

In the first few days I had dryness, sensitivity and flakinh and then a contained breakout of little spots on my cheek. After 5 days, all of that had disappeared, and at the moment my skin is looking and feeling good. I think Kate Somerville products are generally excellent (Eradikate Blemish Treatment is up there with Paula’s Choice Exfoliate for me when it comes to fighting spots) and this new range seems very good so far. The products smell absolutely gorgeous, and feel wonderful on the skin but it is a pricey range and probably a little above what I would usually spend on skincare if I was purchasing for myself. If you are someone that has regular facial treatments I would suggest this is a range worth looking at.

In Kate’s words,

”At my clinic, we use lasers, peels & injections to treat the signs of ageing. With KateCeuticals™, you get an at-home, clinic-grade age repair system that targets & transforms skin.”

On the days when my skin needed calming, I used the new Intense Recovery Cream from Murad. *pr product*

This product is for ‘Dry to Severely Dry Skin Types, Whether Environmental or Triggered by Lifestyle​.’ It is basically calm in a cream and I would highly recommend this for anyone that suffers from sensitive dry skin. I am big fan of Murad products, their Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Cream is also a firm favourite.

Two other products that I have discovered recently, Avene’s new Cicalfate Hand Cream (£9.50) is excellent if you are suffering with dry, chapped hands. I also had to try the much hyped Wonder Water from L’Oreal (£9.99). The product itself lived up to the hype, my hair felt so easy to manage in the shower and my hair has felt great since. I felt the application of the product needed a little tweaking as it was tricky not to waste when you are squeezing onto the lengths of wet hair. I have since decanted the 20 mls that you are supposed to use (I think you could probably get away with less than that) into a spray bottle and will see if that’s easier next time I use it.


We are absolutely thrilled with our latest purchase, the Karcher Home Pressure Washer. It cleaned our composite decking so well and I am looking forward to having a go at the car next! I did have to buy a new hosepipe for it, as it doesn’t work with extendable hosepipes which we had. Apart from that it was fairly easy to set up and dead easy to use.

I’ve been prettying the garden with some solar powered lights and I am currently trying to source new outdoor cushions for the seating area.

And last but not least, I thought I would end off with a roundup of my favourite new in pieces.

I hope you enjoy!

Love Chloe x


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  1. Jamilah says:

    I hope you’re ok Chloe? It’s been worrying not seeing you post on your feed.
    Take care lovely x

    • says:

      Thank you lovely. I’m ok. I had to take a bit of time out to deal with some personal stuff, but I hope to be back on Insta soon!! X

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