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Wearing Sequin Dress – Size 8

Still looking for gift inspiration? Well, hopefully this post might help. Amazon Fashion have asked me to share a few gifting ideas with you. Whether it’s a sparkly number for Christmas Day that you’re after, or a cosy pair of slippers for the (difficult-to-buy-for) man in your life,  Amazon Fashion has something for everyone. I have included a few ideas for you, because I have had a few ladies ask me what they should ask for for Christmas. This always seems like a crazy question until Nick asks me the same question and I can never give him an answer.  So these ideas are based on things I own or would like to own. I have focussed on the practical gifts that you may not think of because, well, they’re so practical. But once you own them, you’ll wonder how you lived without them. I’m thinking cashmere socks (I have three pairs of these and cannot get them out of the wash quick enough!) Spanx or Commando leggings, Sorel boots for dog walking (seeing as 83% of my audience are dog owners!) and warm accessories, because my fingers nearly dropped off while walking Teddy this week. I have also included some jewellery, because, who doesn’t love a pair of classic gold hoops. I have these, by the way, and love them because they are extremely light and they are 9ct gold, which means they won’t tarnish like gold plated jewellery.  I have the Sorel boots in grey, and they are possibly the warmest, comfiest dog walking boots I own, but I wish I had bought black instead.

  1. Pink Bobble Hat
  2. Coin necklace
  3. Grey Bobble Hat
  4. Sorel Boots
  5. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings
  6. Suede fleece lined gloves
  7. Levis Touch ScreenLevis Touch Screen
  8. Cream Hat
  9. Gold 9ct Hoop Earrings
  10. Cashmere Socks
  11. Sorel Boots
Wearing White Blazer by Esprit / Levis Jeans / Find Sandals – (Click on the text for links to all items)

When it comes to buying for him, I keep it very practical. Huge generalisation alert…but when it comes to clothes, the majority of the men I know don’t really buy themselves anything new, ever. They wear clothes until they fall apart. So there’s ALWAYS room for new clothes and if you’re doing the buying, you can keep their style in check!

Wearing Pink Cardigan

I have bought Nick these Ugg Slippers and Schott hoodie. I am also thinking about buying him a new pair of walking boots, as since Teddy’s arrival, he’s coming on muddy walks with me. Never thought I would see the day, but I think he’s slowly becoming a dog person! I have included a Sonicare toothbrush, because I bought myself one during Black Friday and cannot recommend it enough. Mine is rose gold, so I have linked a more manly version and think I will be upgrading Nick’s electric toothbrush this Christmas. Yup, after nearly 15 years of marriage, the presents get more romantic every year! 

  1. Calvin Klein Trunks
  2. Sonicare Phillips Toothbrush (amazing discount!)
  3. Barack Obama Book.
  4. Ugg Slippers
  5. Schott Hoodie
  6. Airpods
  7. Falke Socks
  8. Waterproof Walking Boots
  9. Rayban Sunglasses
  10. Schott Zip Up Knit

I covered teen boy gift ideas before (you’ll find it here), so I thought I would focus on a few things for Charlie’s age group. Charlie is 8, for those that don’t know. Like a lot of boys his age, he’s really into gaming. Yes he probably spends far too much time on his Playstation, but in a year when social contact outside of school has been non-existent, I have relaxed on this front. I hear him chatting and laughing away with his friends online (okay there’s been plenty of arguing too, but I label that conflict resolution!)  and I realise that his playstation has been a bit of a lifeline for him this year. Charlie isn’t really into clothes, but he needs them, so I figure why not wrap them up!

  1. Nike Trainers
  2. Gaming Headset
  3. Adidas Tracksuit
  4. David Walliams Book
  5. Ketchup T-Shirt
  6. I Paused My Game Hoodie
  7. Winter Boots
  8. Fortnite Joggers
  9. Petit Bateau Pyjamas
  10. Gold Shin Pads

I couldn’t go without putting together a few ideas for the pet owners. These are all things that I have bought along the way for Teddy and would recommend. I don’t have the round anti-anxiety bed but thinking of buying this for our cat Sam!

  1. Yak Chews
  2. Chuck It Ball Launcher
  3. Cows Hooves
  4. Anti Anxiety Ped Bed
  5. Snuffle Mat
  6. Treat Dispenser
  7. Coralpina Harness (this is the best harness I’ve tried and I have tried MANY)
  8. Grooming gloves
  9. Dog Shampoo (that leaves them smelling like a baby)

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