The Teen Girl Xmas Gift Guide

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This is probably my most requested blog post at this time of year. I have to admit it’s fairly predictable and I am probably not providing you with many original ideas, but perhaps that’s teens for you?! Mine certainly seem to know what they like and don’t like, so this gift guide definitely has them iin mind. At the very least I hope it might spark a few ideas. I am definitely going to be buying this for one of them (maybe even both as I know there will be envy!) considering how much time they spend in their bedrooms, we may as well make them comfy! Regarding skincare, it’s always a personal preference, but my girls use the Cerave range and are very happy with it, so I have included it here.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Much love,


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6 responses to “The Teen Girl Xmas Gift Guide”

  1. Lucy woffenden says:

    This is just brilliant Chloe and has given me tons of ideas so thank you so much!
    Do you know why when we go on the Urban Outfitters link the products are priced in Euros not pound Sterling?
    Thanks though this is bloody fab!

  2. Jo lilley says:

    Chicken nugget lover cup! SOLD! How can anyone eat 20 of the things!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    My daughter is 14 and everything here is just about spot on for her, so thank you!!

  4. Sarah says:

    My 16, nearly 17yo daughter and my 13yo son too! 🙈

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