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I conducted a little experiment on the school run this morning. I took note of the footwear of every female that I passed along the way.  I think I must have looked at the outfits of around 200 ladies (perhaps more, we live in bustling West London and the journey took 40 minutes) With the exception of one lady wearing espadrilles and another wearing Birkenstocks, everyone else was wearing trainers. Perhaps that won’t come as a surprise, so here’s the bit that I found so interesting. In almost all cases their trainers were not a commuter’s afterthought. They were very much part of their outfits and in many cases really added to their overall look. Gone are the days where one pair of trainers did the job! 

I have found myself reaching for my trainers more than anything else recently. After spending so long at home during lockdown either barefoot or in slippers,  my feet have become completely intolerant of anything with a hint of discomfort. Let’s call it the lockdown toe spread. Actually, let’s not, that sounds completely gross.

Outfit all old, similar below)
1. Red Boho Blouse / Veja Trainers / Blue Jeans

 Along with quite a few boroughs in London, we’ve had closures to our neighbourhood roads which have restricted our car usage, so we have been using public transport to get the children to and from school, which has meant a lot more walking for me. I am usually rushing on uneven pavements and quite often running to keep up with Teddy if he spots another dog, so recently it’s been nothing but trainers for me. In the morning I am usually in my gym kit as I tend to do my barre workout at home after the school run, so trainers are an obvious choice, but even when I’ve changed into ‘proper’ clothes I try and build trainers into my outfit. 

  1. Find Velvet Suit
  2. White Bodysuit
  3. Burgundy Tote Bag
  4. Puma Leather Trainers
Dress past season)

Wearing trainers with your dresses is an easy way to add a comfortable, cool vibe to your look. I love the look of Converse and Vans with dresses.

1. Blue Wrap Dress / 2. Vans

As a nation in the middle of a global pandemic, we should be doing our best to stay fit and healthy and walk whenever we can. It reduces our carbon footprint and is so good for our health. You can read a piece about ’10 Benefits of Walking’ here. You are guaranteed to feel the benefits, however long or short your journey. I have to say nothing clears my head like a walk in fresh air, whatever the weather.

Amazon Fashion has such a great selection of trainers at great prices. I have styled a few different looks above to show you the versatility of trainers. With brands such as Nike, Vans, Puma, Adidas, New Balance and Converse, Amazon Fashion is your one stop shop for comfy footwear.  Ordering and returning couldn’t be easier, and with Prime Wardrobe, you can even try before you buy. Whether you are looking for fashion trainers or trainers for exercising, you are sure to find it at Amazon. 

Fashion Trainers

  1. Leopard Vans
  2. Grey New Balance
  3. Grey Converse High-Tops
  4. Gant Chunky Trainers
  5. New Balance
  6. New Balance
  7. Pink Vans
  8. Pink Trainers

The Classics

  1. White Converse
  2. Black Nike Trainers
  3. White Superga
  4. Puma Trainers
  5. Veja Trainers
  6. Black Vans
  7. Pink New Balance
  8. Nike High Tops
  9. Le Temps de Cerise trainers – see the range here

If you like the look of Golden Goose, but not the price tag, I would suggest having a look at these.

So whether you are dashing about with the kids, taking the dog for a walk, commuting to work or simply shopping and lunching with the girls, let’s make sure those feet are happy!


Chloe x

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