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I wanted to share this week’s finds with you. Some of you will have seen me try on these lovely jeans from Mango on stories this week. They are such a good cut and price (£35.99) I have also been looking for a khaki trench coat and tried this one on from Mango. (Water repellent and all the features of a perfect trench!) I am not sure whether I am going to keep it as it’s a little big for me on the shoulders, so I have ordered this one (now £40.80 with discount) from La Redoute to compare. If you happen to be in the market for a khaki trench too, then this one from Claude Pierlot at the Outnet is worth a look. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size. I have also ordered this knit from La Redoute which I love the look of and it’s such a bargain for £28.80, so I ordered black and cream, but the grey is lovely too. This is the kind of knit that I live in in the winter. I also love this breton knit (also £28.80 with the code AUTUMN) You can probably tell from this edit, that I am really feeling the stripes, puffers and knits, but the temperature has really plummeted this weekend, so I imagine that most of you will be thinking about the wintry gaps in your wardrobes. A special mention must go to this beautiful coat in case anyone reading has a gorgeous bump to dress this Autumn/Winter and this dog coat which I am definitely buying for Teddy!

Happy Sunday, Happy Shopping!




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  1. annie says:

    Hello, Chloe
    I’m sorry to leave this message here; I don’t know how else to message you. I’ve just been reading and enjoying your stories about Teddy and having a puppy and how much work it is. I’m sure it is and it’s lovely to see how much you’re all enjoying having a dog despite all this. But I did notice that somewhere in the stories someone (may have been you, may have been a contributor – can’t remember) mentioned older dogs and how they are probably more work and especially rescues and I just wanted to chuck in a bit of my experience and those that I know who have older dogs and rescues.

    My dog was rescued via the portal Dogsblog. He was 9 months old so a puppy still but not a young one. He has been a sheer delight from the word go and any hiccups have been very minor (we have lost a few slippers/pairs of glasses and he moved his bed from where I wanted it to be situated – funny to see). Such a positive experience may not be the norm but the thing is that he came to us from the foster home where he had lived and been assessed for a couple of months which meant that we knew what we were getting far more than anyone even getting a breeder’s puppy could do, even know lineage etc..

    You’ll find this on many of the foster re-homing sites – a full profile, behavioural traits, a thorough health check, full disclosure of issues if there are any and a really good support system. Here in Battersea where I live there are lots of rescues, many from overseas (hardly any from BDH) and almost exclusively I see calm, well-mannered, happy dogs – not problems. I feel it’s such a shame if people always see rescues as a challenge. Some are, certainly, but in the main they are no more trouble than any dog and often less. I am sure you must meet many in your outings with Teddy.

    Thanks for reading and all the best.


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