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I think we’ve all been riding the Coronacoaster this week haven’t we? Perhaps it was the realisation that it might be a good while before we return to our lives as we knew them before the pandemic, but there was a groundhogginess about this week that I haven’t felt before. I think it was a mixture of things for me. It finally sunk in that it was highly unlikely any of my three would be going back to school before September, we were supposed to be celebrating a good friend’s 50th birthday with a big bash and I was also meant to be in Greece for work this week. I like to think I am a fairly positive person, but this week it felt like the positivity thief had visited in the night. And then I felt terribly guilty for feeling this way, because I know how privileged I am right now. I am able to work from home. I am not working on the frontline saving lives and putting myself and my family’s lives at risk. I am safe, well and have everything I need.

I am pleased to say that I turned it around fairly quickly with some excellent yoga sessions (I love Hannah Barrett, Adriene and Melissa Wood, all on Youtube) which I find the best way to turn my mindset around. I realised that my book, whilst very good, was leaving me feeling a little deflated, so I started a new series on Netflix (Ozark) I have heard it gets better and better, but can be a little slow to begin with, so if you gave up on it, I think it’s worth perservering. The highlight of my week was watching Charlie’s little face light up as he bumped into his best friend in our local park. He speaks to him regularly online, but as we know, it’s not the same as seeing your buddy in the flesh. I can’t wait for the day I can go for a socially distanced walk with mine.

The news of the antibody test this week, along with the news that we are down to just 24 new cases a day in London made me think we may have turned a little curve in the road. Obviously it’s important not to get ahead of ourselves, but I am clinging on to these beacons of hope.

I have compiled another edit of lovely bits and pieces I have spotted this week. I had a few kind messages last week saying that the edits were much appreciated and it was lovely to hear that so many of you find browsing as much of an escape as me. I have to admit that the arrival of my Rhode sale buy made me a very happy girl. I have wanted a Rhode dress for a long time and I had some credit to spend at Matches, so it felt like the perfect lockdown treat.

Here is this week’s edit. I am also working on a budget beauty post which should be ready soon. I hope you all have a really lovely weekend. Let’s hope the sun continues to shine and the news continues to be positive.

Much love


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