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*Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links. Some of the products have been sent as press samples in the past, some I have purchased myself, but I have not been paid or asked to feature any of the products you will read about below*

Yesterday I decided to sort out my make-up drawer and spent a good few hours trying out all my different lip shades and I think I have finally come to the conclusion that I don’t feel confident wearing a red lip. I think it’s partly because I have a habit of getting it everywhere (teeth, ears, cheeks…I really mean everywhere!) and partly because I am what I’d call a ‘lazy lippie girl’. I tend to put on my lipstick first thing, and then forget to take the lipstick out with me, and reach for whichever gloss is lying in the bottom of my handbag to keep my lips hydrated during the day. This habit is not ideal if you are wearing a bold lip colour, so I suppose, for an easy, lower maintenance life, I’ve adopted a nude lip over the years as my go-to and now if I ever attempt a red lip I feel a bit like I am wearing fancy dress. So I thought I would put together a blog on my favourite lip colours, as judging by my messages yesterday, there are quite a few of us who feel the same way about red lips. I should add that I have kept hold of one. Mac’s Lady Danger. It’s the only red that I have really enjoyed wearing in the past and who knows, I may get my red lip mojo back oneday!

These are my favourite nude lipsticks. I think you can tell from this photo, they are loved and used (and my only lip liner needs a good sharpen!) So what do we have? Starting from the left…

  1. Bobbi Brown ‘Boss Pink’ – £28

This is probably my ‘pinkest’ lipstick I have. I tend to wear a gloss over the top of most of my lipsticks, but especially this one as it has quite a matt texture. It has great staying power, but I find I do need to add extra moisture.

2. Trish McEvoy ‘Easy Nude’ – £27

This is what I would call a true nude and one of my favourites. It has a slightly minty fragrance and is really moisturising.

3. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Valentine’ – Limited Edition and discontinued but Penelope Pink is very similar

4. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillow Talk’ Duo – £37.80 (lipstick and liner)

I absolutely love Pillow Talk, along with the rest of the world! It’s what I would call a classic nude.

5. Bobbi Brown ‘Sandwash Pink’ – £24.50

This is a lovely nude pink with a non-drying formula.

6. Mac Lip pencil ‘Boldly Bare’ – £15

I have been using this pencil for years as it works with most of my lipsticks

I usually pop a gloss over my lipstick and my favourites are Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss formulas which are wonderfully hydrating and glossy without being sticky.

From Left to Right… Priced at £19 and can be worn alone instead of lipstick.

  1. Free Spirit
  2. Sweet Talk
  3. New Romantic *my favourite*

Thanks for reading.


Chloe x

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