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*This post is written in collaboration with Amazon Fashion – AD*

I have lost count of the number of times Amazon Prime has saved my bacon over the past few months. Ballet tights, hair nets and pins, lever arch files, a hole punch, waterproof trousers, a gum guard, school books, presents for parties, roman blind cord, a garden hose, cat-scratching post, a Shark Vaccuum Cleaner, Floradix tonic…just a few things off my recent orders list. All of these things were items that I needed ASAP to keep family life running. (Running. Just running. It was tempting to add the word ‘smoothly’ but I feel that might be overstating things!)

It’s the same for all of us. Our days are short and the hours are precious, so driving (or getting public transport) to the shops to buy the one thing you need can chew up time and money and a round trip can often end in frustration when you get all the way there to find the item out of stock. The convenience and ease of Amazon Prime has definitely made life as a family of 5 much easier and I often wonder what we would do without it!

But the thing about the list of items above is that I knew exactly what I needed and nothing took more than a few seconds to find, order and pay for. But when it comes to fashion, I think many of us feel overwhelmed by the marketplace. So when Amazon approached me to partner with them, I was thrilled to discover some great fashion finds which I am excited to share with you. There are so many affordable gems and the prices are hard to beat.

Here are three outfits I have chosen…

Outfit #1

  1. Levis Cropped 501 – £77.99
  2. Blondie Tee – £12.99
  3. ONLY fur leopard coat – £55
  4. Stan Smiths – from £45

Outfit #2

  1. Levis Cropped 501 Jeans – £77.99
  2. find Christmas jumper – £31.20
  3. Stan Smiths – £59.95

Outfit #3

  1. find Christmas Jumper – £31.20
  2. Iris and Lilly Thermal leggings – £11.38
  3. Moon Boots – Prices Vary (mine have since sold out but find similar here)

Festive PJs

  1. Iris and Lilly Flannel Pyjamas – £20.80

And here are a few more looks I really enjoyed styling up.

Something for the Weekend…

  1. Amazon Essentials Women’s French Terry Fleece Pullover Hoodie – £14.45
  2. Amazon Essentials Women’s Studio Terry Jogger – £9
  3. Calvin Klein Women’s Maya Sneaker – from £95
  4. Carrera Sonnenbrille Sunglasses – £41.85

Something for the evening…

  1. Amazon Brand – find. Women’s Straight Leg Mid Rise Jeans – £25.20
  2. Amazon Brand – find. Women’s Tiger Jumper – £25.50
  3. Amazon Brand – find. Women’s Lace Up Leather Ankle Boots – £57.75

Cosy Winter Days…

  1. find jumper – £34
  2. find Christmas Jumper – £31.20
  3. find coated trousers – £30
  4. find boots – Were £70 now £47.40
  5. find fur trimmed boots – £47.45

Something for mooching at home…

  1. find wide leg cropped jeans – £36
  2. find super soft hoodie – £21
  3. Birkenstock sheepskin – £115

One feature that I have only just discovered is Amazon’s Style Snap. It’s so easy and fun to use and can really help you navigate the site if you are looking for something specific.

Ever wondered what that camera button is for at the top of the app? If you click on it (see the pink arrow above) you can upload a screenshot or a photo of an outfit you like and the Stylesnap feature will suggest similar items for you. It’s really fun to use and I have to admit I got slightly carried away the other night. I used an image of a pink jumper I liked in a magazine and ended up finding something similar which I really liked.

You can now also visit my personal storefront here where you can shop my outfits and other successful purchases. So if you’re doing some last minute Christmas shopping and want to avoid the mayhem of the shops at this time of year, don’t forget to check out the daily fashion deals. Back soon with a blog on my brilliant finds for the children.


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