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Question : I have a 20 year school reunion brunch in London at the end of Septmeber. What does one wear? A dress? Heels might be too much at that time of day? Some of us have had kids, some high powered careers, people are flying in from Hong Kong. Stress! Help!

First of all, I feel your stress! I would be the same. Seeing people for the first time after 20 years, you are definitely going to want to feel and look your best. On the beauty front, I would definitely have my nails done the day before, and I would probably slap a bit of fake tan on a couple of days before (just in case there are any mishaps!) to refresh the summer tan. If you are not confident with doing your own hair, I would try to book in for a blow dry first thing in the morning or the day before. Hair looking good is an excellent start. But what to wear… Don’t let brunch throw you in terms of your outfit and what’s appropriate at that time of day. I think heels are acceptable at any time of the day, but I would probably opt for a slightly lower heeled sandal to ensure comfort, especially as it’s probably going to end up being a long day on your feet if the party continues (I hope it does!)

Here are a few ideas for you to think about…

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Option 1 – Statement Skirt and White Shirt

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Option 2 – White culottes, keep it tonal and chic

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Option 3 – A dress and boots/heeled sandals depending on weather

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A nice top…

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is something you feel comfortable in and above all like YOU. Think back to an occasion recently when you felt great and think about what you were wearing. Could you wear it again? If it was my reunion, I would probably wear a dress because I feel my best in dresses, but that might not be your comfort zone. For an occasion like this I always like to wear something that feels a bit special. It could be a handbag or a pair of shoes that I saved and saved for, an amazing pair of earrings, something vintage or belonging to my mum, or perhaps something new, but I need to feel a little bit proud of something I am wearing.

But most important of all, be proud of who you’ve become after 20 years, smile and have fun!


Chloe x

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