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I was going to theme today’s post but there are so many things I want to cover, so let’s just call it The Sunday Share.

To start with, I want to mention something that arose this week when I talked about the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer that I have discovered through QVC. Some of you may have seen my tutorial over on IGTV and a comment below that spurred on a few more people questioning my authenticity when I recommend a product that falls under a paid partnership. If anyone feels like this, it means that I haven’t done my job properly because for me, authenticity is one of the most important features of my job. Yes, I need to pay the mortgage and help to support a family, but I don’t take on paid work unless it feels like a natural fit. I probably turn down 80% of the paid opportunities that come my way because remaining authentic has always been hugely important to me.

The reason I love my partnership with QVC is because I get to choose the products that I would like to try and talk about. If I try something and don’t rate it, you don’t get to hear about it and when I tell you I like something, it’s because I do. That is not to say that I will use that product exclusively forever more, because it’s part of my job to keep trying new products. Even before I became a blogger, I would always be buying and trying out the latest beauty buzz products – I have never been someone who could have a minimalist bathroom shelf, it’s sink-to-ceiling mirrored bathroom cabinets for me. So it was a bit of dream come true when I started being sent press samples for beauty releases and then offered an opportunity to work with QVC who have an impressive range of beauty brands. I know that most of you know this, but it only takes one or two comments to make me reconsider how my content might be perceived and I thought it might be good to cover it here for reassurance.

Just a word on the concealer – I think it’s really important to get the right shade. Initially I made the mistake of getting ‘Light’ which was far too light for my skin tone. Then I ordered ‘Light Medium’ and it was such a good match it meant that I was able to get away with just wearing concealer to even out my skin and cover all my blemishes. It’s also really important to use a wet blending sponge (it comes with the product) to pat it into the skin. If you missed it, you can watch the video here.

Moving on from beauty, I thought I would share the things that I have caught my eye this week.

I was very excited about H&M’s collaboration with Love Stories and have had to exercise serious restraint!

I ordered this swimsuit this week and it’s a keeper. I love it so much. I’ll be honest it’s a little higher cut on the bottom that I would usually go for, but I am past caring about my wobbly, dimply derriere being on show and I will probably wear it with denim shorts or a skirt on holiday. The back is as pretty as the front.

H&M – £24.99

I have had one eye on the sales this week and have been very tempted by a few Faithful the Brand pieces. I’m not sure there is a brand that feels more ‘me’! However, even in the sale it’s still pricey, so I was thrilled when I found this dress at ASOS, which is very similar to the Faithful one I had my eye on. It hasn’t arrived yet (I think my annual ASOS delivery pass must have expired as my orders have taken at least four days to arrive recently) but whether I keep it will very much depend on the length on me and the quality of the fabric.

ASOS – £48

Last year I bought a pistachio green linen wrap skirt from Zara which was so useful and easy to wear. I thought I would let you know I spotted this one at Stories in white for £69.

I bought this top (£45) in both orange and black. It is such a lovely design and the thick shoulder strap means you can comfortably wear a bra. It’s the perfect top for dressing up your jeans. I had every intention of taking one of the tops back, but the orange colour looks so good with a tan and light blue denim and the black is a no brainer, so I might keep both.

I also spotted this navy linen dress (down to £47) in the sale, which is perfect if you are looking for a Summer dress that’s smart enough for the office. I am slightly obsessed with the puff sleeve this season. Although, I have to say this cream puff sleeve dress (£85) that I bought two sizes too big and then returned to get a smaller size ended up staying on the shop floor. I loved it so much, but I just could not make those shoulders work on me. I was a little bit disappointed with the material around the waist which was not lined and a little too revealing in the smaller size. I have since seen it on a few people on instagram and it looks amazing, so I do think that I was the problem. Sometimes my small frame can’t carry designs like that.

Here are a few other dresses that I spotted at H&M this week. I think the red cheesecloth dress will sell out very quickly, be warned.

1. H&M Dress £29.99 2. Basket Bag Was £170 now £85 3.Dune Loupe Sandals £85 4. Celine Audrey Sunglasses £300 5. Hat £29

I have ordered the H&M dress above and plan to style it like this. It reminded me a little of the Zimmerman dress below.

Zimmerman – £450
H&M — £24.99

Well that’s all for this week. We woke up to a huge damp patch on Milla’s ceiling, just a couple of weeks after forking out for her entire room to be redecorated. It definitely spells trouble, and no doubt huge expense if it’s a leak in the shower room above. Gah! It never rains, but it pours…

Thanks for reading.


Chloe x

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9 responses to “The Sunday Share”

  1. Denise says:

    Lovely post Chloe, thank you

  2. Yvonne says:

    I only discovered your blog recently and although I’m a lot older than yourself, I love it thank you x

  3. Sue Moran says:

    Thank you as always for such considered tips, so helpful. ❤️
    I feel your pain with older homes and the almost constant care although I think we’d agree it’s worth it.

  4. Ally says:

    Great round-up Chloe! Wonder if there’s a way for you to shop Faithfull from their Australian store (using a parcel forwarder) – it is actually pretty reasonable in Oz! Re your concealer post this week, I wonder if part of the problem is that so many of your followers also follow similar influencers who were also posting the same product at the same time (e.g Fran also posted on same day) so it can feel a bit staged when you are getting hit with similar content from different feeds and perhaps can make followers feel like a product is being sold to them. Just a thought though! Have a lovely week ahead Ax

    • says:

      Yes, can completely see that. Fran and I make our selections at QVC apart so we don’t know what the other person has chosen. We also don’t have a schedule to promote the products, so it was complete fluke and really unfortunate timing that we both did make up on the same day. I had been waiting for the Tarte concealer to
      Come back into stock before I talked about it so that stock levels would be sufficient. And perhaps Fran had done the same, but I can assure you that we had no knowledge of each other’s plans. Often a brand will work with a selection of influencers on a campaign, so you will see some crossover – but if the brand is a good fit for me, then I’d struggle to say no to paid work just because I know others will be promoting it too. I guess you have to trust that I’m taking on the paid opportunities with careful consideration. X

  5. Danish Pastry says:

    I can understand that some may think that if several people are posting about the same thing at the same time it can look contrived, but on the other hand I’ve been reading your blog long enough to know that I can trust you not to promote things that you don’t like or wouldn’t spend your own money on. Just go on being yourself, your level of transparency is about right as far as I’m concerned – there will always be the doubters (whether that’s because they dont know what you stand for, or maybe are just slightly envious I don’t know), just don’t let them get you down!

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