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I had an idea today. (This is actually a small miracle after a 3AM wakeup! Zzzzzzz) And when it comes to blog ideas, I have to strike while the iron is hot!

Once a week I will share a few ‘smart buys’ with you. These will be items that I love myself, and won’t be restricted to fashion. I should add that these are products I have bought myself and I will always tell you if something has been sent as a press sample.

So here are 5 smart buys this week…

1. Slip silk pillowcase – £85

Instagram really can be a wonderful source of market research. This week I posted on instagram about silk pillowcases and their benefits. My own silk pillowcase has seen better days. I’ve been bit lazy with the old delicates wash and ended up sticking it in with the usual wash and it tore this week. It seems that many readers swear by ‘Slip’ silk pillowcases. They are said to be strong, durable and thick, designed for long lasting use and are machine washable. (I should mention that the silk pillowcase I owned was none of these things and not made by Slip)

So what are the benefits of sleeping on silk? Well, apart from it feeling HEAVENLY against your skin, these pillowcases feature anti-crease, anti-bedhead and anti-aging properties. They are recommended by dermatologists, hair experts and beauty experts. They reduce hair breakage and I definitely notice that my hair is smoother and less tangled in the morning.

They are expensive, but everyone who has one says that they are worth every penny. Perhaps one to pop on the birthday or Xmas wishlist? Someone suggested they make the most wonderful gift for ALL ages and sexes, so if you are stuck for a gift idea for a loved one, this might be your answer? #influencedbymyaudience

2. Malin and Goetz Deodrant – £12

I may be an influencer, but I am very easily influenced! Last week I was chatting to a girlfriend whose sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. We got onto the subject of deodrant and she made me promise to make my girls use aliminium – free deodrant. This is something that I have had read about over the years, but it is not something I have acted upon with much thought. According to the Breast Cancer Now website, ‘current evidence does not show a convincing link between deodorants or antiperspirants and breast cancer. ‘ But, if it is something that is easy enough to avoid, then I will encourage my girls to use aliminium free deodrant to eliminate even a sliver of risk.

I have been using Malin and Goetz Eucalyptus deodrant for a few months now. Not for health reasons but because I like the brand, I love Eucalyptus and thought I would try something new. I had been using Aesop deodrant before I bought my Malin and Goetz, but I didn’t think it was effective enough for hot and sweaty summer days in London. I am really impressed with Malin and Goetz and will be buying one for the girls to use. #influencedbymyfriend

3. Monsoon Cotton Midi Dress – £60

I have admired this gorgeous dress on Natasha from WearandWhere since she bought it (and it sold out) last year. The good news is that they have brought it back this season. It is simply the perfect summer dress and I think it would be a very smart buy for anyone looking to add an easy, chic and effortless summer dress to their wardrobe. It would definitely tick my ’30 wears’ box. #influencedbyaninfluencer

4. Goof Proof Eye-brow Pencil – £18.28 (plus free Mini)

This week I bought this from a Benefit counter for £21.50. It’s absolutely brilliant and I wish I had looked online as I have found it on Lookfantastic for less than I paid PLUS a free mini version. If you are looking for good brow products, you can’t go wrong with Benefit. Liv actually persuaded my to try Goof Proof, and I am so pleased she did. #Influencedbymydaughter

5. Cora Ball – £29

What on earth is that I hear you ask? It’s called a cora ball, and is the world’s first laundry ball that catches microfibres. It was inspired by the way coral filters the ocean. It collects the microfibres in your washing, so that you can dispose of them in the right way. One of my readers told me about the Cora ball and the Guppy bag, both of which are said to reduce our microplastic waste.

A recent independent, peer-reviewed paper by the University of Toronto published in Marine Pollution Bulletin determined that the Cora Ball catches 26% of fibres that would otherwise be washed down the drain (based on a fleece blanket). The paper also pointed out something important: that lots of people making just one small effort can have big positive impact – in this case, to on our lakes, rivers, bays and one big ocean. The Cora Ball is specified to last five years with average washing. It is designed as a long-lasting and durable product and made from 100% diverted and 100% recyclable material that stands up to the extremes of heat and cold in laundry machines. The Cora Ball is a product that makes both an immediate impact and seeks to increase people’s awareness of our connection to the ocean via the drains in our own homes.

Small, collective actions have the power to achieve big results. #influencedbyareader

So there you have my top 5 smart buys this week. If you have any tips or suggestions, please do share in the comments below.

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  1. Karen Robinson walton says:

    LOVE this idea !!

  2. Carrie king says:

    Absolutely thrilled to have this post! You do all the hard work for us and share it generously. I think what you do helps so many people as we all have such busy lives. I admire you for offering up your advice (which I personally love because I enjoy and relate to all your posts, stories etc…) and think it shows a lot of kindness on your behalf ❤️ 🙌

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