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I thought I would share the details of my every day jewellery here on the blog as it’s the question I am asked the most. I’m fairly conservative when it comes to jewellery, I tend to shy away from anything too big and bold. I really admire statement earrings on others, but when I wear them myself I feel overdressed and too ‘done’ and I end up taking them off before I walk out the door. So I opt for a slightly more casual and understated look.

I am a huge fan of the classic gold hoop and fell in love with these at the QVC selection day. They are 9ct gold and the perfect size for every day wear. (As these are part of my paid partnership with QVC this is marked as an AD) They are very similar to the Missoma Chubby Huggies (how great is that name?!) but they are 18 ct gold vermeil.

Missoma Chubby Huggies – £70

My T-bar necklace is from one of my favourite jewellery brands, Tilly Sveaas. Mine is on a 50 cm belcher chain.

Tilly Sveaas T Bar Necklace – From £250

And my little diamond orb and crescent moon I bought from Robinson Pelham. If you are thinking about having another piercing, I have just seen that Robinson Pelham are having another piercing party on the 11th June. More details can be found here.

Diamond Orb from Robinson Pelham – £422

While I am here, I thought I would share this dress that I fell in love with yesterday. I stupidly bought the wrong size, but I am desperate to get back to exchange it for the right size as I really do love it. It’s so romantic and I adore the puff sleeves. The size I had (three sizes up from my usual) made me look like a baseball player, but if I could get one to fit like this I will be very happy. Just hope it doesn’t sell out before I get there!

Stories – £85

While I was in store I spotted a few other lovely pieces…

Denim Jacket – River Island (sold out)

I have had lots of messages about my denim jacket with the puff sleeves. I got very lucky as it sold out in a day. Do keep checking back though as sometimes people buy two sizes and return one. Lots of people have bought this one from Silk Fred, but be aware it is very short in the body. I found this one too, but there is only one left in a size 34 so I suppose it will disappear quickly.

On the subject of jackets – my other favourite jacket to wear in the summer months, over a t-shirt or dress, is my Khaki shacket from Mint Velvet last year. I have had a look around and here’s what I found.

Gosh, this really is a hotchpotch blog post, but sometimes once you get going you can’t stop!

I found these gorgeous shoes on Brand Alley, and the prices are too good not to share. (I am really sorry, the links don’t seem to be working below so access them here. )

Finally, I wanted to share a little beauty find with you. I recently finished my bottle of my absolute favourite Vitamin C from Obagi and needed to replace it. Whilst excellent, it’s not cheap and I have been looking for a cheaper alternative. I read somewhere that this Garden of Wisdom Vitamin C was very good, so I bought it, and I have to say for the price and the strength it is excellent. If you are looking for a Vitamin C I would highly recommend this one.

Bikini – £14.99 for top and £8.99 for bottoms

A little H&M order arrived today. I ordered this bikini which is lovely because you can order different sizes to suit your shape. I ordered a 10 on the top and 6 on the bottom. I don’t like to spend too much on white swimwear as it tends to discolour with pool water and suncream.

Flounced dress – £39.99

This dress also arrived – perfect for the beach or a sunny weekend. I ordered a size 6 and it fits well. I am 5’4 – it is quite short on me, so might be very short on someone taller?

Beaded handbag – £24.99

I also ordered this gorgeous bag which is so similar to the Shrimps version. I was pleasantly surprised that it feels weighty and good quality. You can never tell from a photo online.

So that’s all for today. As always thanks for reading. I do love this little space. Writing here feels free and easy and for me, it’s a much more relaxed space to share. It’s free from numbers and likes and spikey comments. Instagram can be a funny old place and I think for many of us, it can be a little anxiety inducing at times. There’s often a fear of saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, and there is the inevitable and undeniable pressure that comes with any ‘like’ button. Now, you may read this blog and think what a load of codswallop (don’t you love that word) but your thoughts will be yours, you probably wouldn’t return and I’d never need to know! 😉 Hopefully not…

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3 responses to “My Every day jewellery and other bits and bobs”

  1. Elaine (huds71 on insta) says:

    I love your blog and I find it much easier to read blogs and return back to check what it was you recommended etc! Yours actually is the only blog I read on fashion! Always very helpful and honest.
    Thank Chloe xxx

  2. Danish Pastry says:

    A hotch potch post is always welcome, something for everyone!
    I hadn’t realised I had a puff sleeved denim jacket sized hole in my wardrobe, but I think I do!
    And I so know what you mean about statement earrings, i do have a minimalist pair that are about 5cm long, they’re about as daring as I get.

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