The quirky tool that will set tongues wagging…

This might be my unsexiest blog post to date, you have been warned! But every now and then I make a beauty discovery that feels so life-changing I want to shout it from the rooftops. Alas, I’m afraid of heights, so my blog is the next best thing…

I’ll admit, there have been a few beauty discoveries in the past that I have used religiously for a few months and then the novelty wears off and the fad fades. The Clarisonic facial cleanser (fortunately I didn’t shell out for the real deal and bought the Boots own version) the jade roller, light up tweezers, eyebrow oil and eyelash growth serum are fine examples. That’s not to say they aren’t great products, but they didn’t pass my longevity test. However, I confidently say that my most recent discovery is here to stay. All hail the Copper Tongue Tingler. (Not as sexy as it might sound!)

A few months ago I went to my regular hygienist appointment and was told that I shouldn’t be rinsing after brushing. After a lifetime of rinsing, it wasn’t an easy habit to break, and for a few weeks, I couldn’t help but feel that my mouth wasn’t clean without a swirl and a spit. Of course I understand the protection of the toothpaste and the benefits of leaving it in my mouth to work, but I couldn’t get used to the feeling. That is until I discovered tongue scraping. I read about this ancient practice in Grazia magazine whilst waiting for my foils to develop in the hairdressers a few months ago (the only time I read magazines these days) and I couldn’t wait to get home and give it a go. I have always brushed my tongue, but tongue brushing and tongue scraping are two very different things. For a while I used a copper tea spoon to get my tongue clean, but then my fabulous friend Lizzie (Lizzieloveshealthy) gave me one of Jasmine Hemsley’s Tongue Tinglers.

My tongue and mouth have never felt cleaner and forgive me if this turns your stomach, but once you’ve seen what comes off your tongue you’ll never skip that morning tongue scraping sesh. While we sleep, toxins collect at the back of our tongues. When certain bacteria break down proteins in the mouth, volatile sulphur compounds are released resulting in bad breath. Studies have shown that tongue scraping greatly outperforms tooth brushing in reducing these sulphur compounds. Well, I don’t know about you, but I will do anything to prevent bad breath.

Copper Tongue Cleaner – £5.49 from Amazon

Why Copper?

How to use your tool…

They say you should scrape before brushing, but I prefer to do it after I have brushed my teeth to remove the excess toothpaste from my tongue. I tend to scrape 3 or 4 times before my tongue feels completely clean. Be careful not to start too far back and don’t forget to rinse it properly in warm water afterwards.

Jasmine Hemsley’s Tongue Tingler is £11.50 including postage, or if like me, you are an Amazon Prime addict, I mean member, you can get this one above for £5.49.

It won’t break the bank but it might change your life!

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