Lounging my way into 2019

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Hello 2019, and hello first blog post of the year. I have, in the past, jotted down my goals for the new year on the blog, but truthfully, they tend to be the same each year which tells me all I need to know. New years goals or resolutions don’t work for me and if I think about life, I am pretty darn happy with the status quo. Plus, if you ask me, the best way to start a New Year is to have no pressure on your back.

Every year I say I want to read more and every year I fail on this front. The problem? My iphone…it’s mere proximity is enough to distract me and like a teething toddler, it constantly demands my attention. Whether it’s a text, an email, a pinging reminder, an actual ring (very rare these days, and it’s always the school so it usually induces mild panic!) or, the biggest culprit of all, Instagram, I can’t seem get through more than a few pages of a book unless my phone is physically locked away in another room. I always feel a tad disloyal when I knock Instagram, because it has allowed me to carve out a career from home, but I think we all know that it is the BIGGEST time-waster. I also think my phone usage has affected my ability to concentrate…actually scrap that, I know it has, and there are plenty of studies to show that smartphone addiction and actively checking our phones has a tendency to decrease our productivity both at home and at work. So perhaps if I was going to set a goal for 2019, it would be to leave my phone in another room for a few hours each day? Maybe I’ll give that a little whirl in a no-pressure sort of way…

Anyway, I am pleased to say that I am half way through ‘Becoming’, Michelle Obama’s autobiography, and I am really enjoying it, so perhaps I just need to stick to slightly easier reads until I reach my retirement 🙂

With January feeling like the perfect month to hibernate and get cosy, I thought I would focus this blog post on loungewear. That moment when I get to whip off my bra and change into a pair of comfy joggers, is often the one I look forward to the most in my day. That, and climbing into my bed before 9pm…:-)

My favourite pair of joggers are surprisingly, from H&M and are a few years old. They are a flattering shape and don’t go baggy on the bum or the knees. I think that’s because they are velour, a fabric that seems to hold it’s shape better than cashmere or cotton. I think as long as you mix velour joggers with another fabric such as cashmere on top, you’ll avoid looking like Britney in the early noughties.

I also have a lovely pair of black joggers from Mint Velvet that I have worn so much this holiday, you’ll find them linked below. (They are the black ones with cashmere and cotton.)

As it’s January and most of us are reigning it in after the excesses of Christmas, I have tried to find the bargains for you. Do take a look at the H&M ones I have linked, I think they are very similar in style to the ones I am wearing above.

Here’s to keeping cosy and comfy this January, there’s an attainable goal for us all!


Chloe x

My Golden Goose trainers from ShopatAnna (now sold out)

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4 responses to “Lounging my way into 2019”

  1. Sarah says:

    2018s resolution was to read more (not hard as hadn’t really read since my twin boys were born in 2015)
    2019s resolution is to read 5-10 pages a night. That sounds very little but I’ve read much more than that past 3 nights. Just trying to train myself to put down phone and pick up book before sleep!

    • chloelovestoshop@yahoo.co.uk says:

      I love this idea! Thank you. I was tired last night but I thought I’ll just read 5 pages. Ended up reading 10! You are brilliant xxx

  2. Abbey says:

    Here’s to a fantastic 2019! I always enjoy reading your posts and agree with so much. Like you, not touching my iPhone and Instagram for 2 minutes is near impossible, and when I get an actiual telphone call it is usually the school nurse!! Love Abbey xxx

  3. Annie says:

    Thank you for the lovely jogging bottoms links. I think velour must be the answer (my lovely cashmere ones do bag at the knees). The trouble I have is that the legs can be too voluminous which isn’t flattering. May I ask, are the H & M ones nicely streamlined? Also, do you mind sharing what size you take (so I can guage mine? Many thanks.

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