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This has probably been the most asked for blog these past few months, so I thought I would share what my girls use as it seems that many of you have children a similar age. They might also help with Xmas present/stocking filler ideas.

Liv (13) uses the Balance Me cleanser, Moisturiser and Congested Skin Serum on the T-zone. We chose Balance Me because it’s 99% natural and I felt that it was important that the girls were using natural products at their age.

Liv’s Skincare regime


She has also been using a Mario Badescu spray which she was given by a friend for her birthday and the range seems very popular with her age group.

Milla’s Skincare

Milla is 11 and just like me- she loves to pamper!  She suffered with eczema as a baby and still has quite dry, sensitive skin. She uses the Balance Me cleanser, and has been using this Celestial Moisturiser from Lush (£16.95) which they recommended for young, sensitive skins. She also really enjoys the Bunny Moon Mask from Lush.
They both use the wash mitts from Primark (they make good stocking fillers) and I make sure they have enough so that they are single use. (Single use and wash, rather than throw!)
I hope that’s helpful. Sorry it’s so brief, I have a patient at home who needs lunch!
Much love
Chloe x

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  1. Emma Hopewell says:

    Have you tried any of the Odylique range. It’s organic and particularly good for sensitive skin. My 13 year old uses the Lemon Tea Tree Face Wash and the SOS spot-on serum

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