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It’s Liv’s 13th birthday this week. I feel strangely emotional about it. I suppose 13 is a big deal. Suddenly your little girl is a little woman and although I have seen this happen gradually, there’s something very significant about the actual day they officially enter their teens. I am very excited for her, of course, but apprehensive too. I don’t think it’s easy being a teenager, especially these days with the added pressure of social media. I digress, as usual. I was in Urban Outfitters shopping for a couple of bits for her birthday (if you have a teen it really is the best place to go) and spotted this beautiful green leopard slip dress.

Now I am very conscious that my role as a fashion blogger could be seen as part of the problem that our planet is facing when it comes to fashion (Do watch Stacey Dooley’s recent documentary, ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’  if you haven’t seen it) so I want to make sure that if I do buy anything, I will A) show you several ways you can wear it and B) make much more considered purchases. I have, wherever possible, tried to invest in good quality basics over the years, and do try to avoid clothes that are not made from natural fibres, but I will hold my hands up and say that I have too many clothes. It’s a tricky one, because I have, to some extent, made a career out of my love for clothes, but I hope that you feel that my purchases are thoughtful. I have, without doubt, accumulated more clothes since I started blogging, largely due to the generous gifts I receive from independent brands. I can assure you that I am selective and say no to 80% of the gifts that are offered to me, because I think it’s important that I only say yes to items that I love. But when you are offered a beautiful cashmere jumper by a gorgeous independent brand it is very hard to say no!  I also feel extremely fortunate to be in a position to help the smaller independent brands to grow their businesses. Added to that, all of them are focussed on sustainability and producing well manufactured, high quality clothing, so perhaps the acceptance of these gifts might in a roundabout way, also be doing some good ?! I realise that sounds a bit defensive, but hopefully you understand what I am trying to say.

Moving forward, my focus for the blog will be to show you how to get the most from your purchases with these types of ‘ways to wear’ posts and how to build that wardrobe of classic, good quality basics. I will still show you pieces that are available to buy, because that is the purpose of my blog,  but I think we all have a responsibility to be more selective in what we choose to buy. Let’s keep thinking about our purchases in terms of want vs need.


So for the purpose of this blog, I have styled this slip dress four different ways to show you that some of your summer dresses needn’t be packed away.


Worn with a blazer and heels for an evening out

Worn with a cashmere jumper and boots for a more wintery look 


Dressed down with a slouchy jumper and trainers for a daytime look 

Worn with boots, a camel cashmere jumper, a trench and my Vintage Gucci!

They do also have it in this skirt version.

Slip Dresses


As always, thanks for reading.
Chloe x



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  1. Nichola Tidman says:

    I watched that documentary and it was horrifying. It’s nice to know you refuse a lot of gifts (sounds a bit weird) but it’s quite off putting following people on Instagram who are constantly receiving gifts. I think it does add to the whole ‘more, more, more’ consumerist mentality. Does that make sense?? 😬

  2. Jo says:

    I also respect that you are true to your blogging threads of fashion & beauty. A personal gripe of mine is when bloggers “advertise” products which are so far removed from their main blog interest. Lovely blog as usual and well done for acknowledging the issue and making steps to help address it 😍

  3. Danish Pastry says:

    I love this post, and the way you’ve styled this dress in different ways. It’s showing us how our own items can do double duty. I don’t own a slip dress, but i do own a slip skirt, so there are take homes here for me too.

    I think if we’re honest, then a lot of us own too many clothes, certainly more than the basic minimum we could get away with! I suppose the rise of blogging and Instagram might have made things worse, it certainly has made the problem more obvious. I certainly am trying to be more aware of what I’m buying, and try to go quality over quantity. I deliberately have wooden hangers, it not only limits how much will fit in my wardrobe, but it looks after my clothes better than skinny wire hangers. I also try not to wash my clothes more than necessary, and we’ve made the conscious decision not to have a tumble dryer (it’s easy with no kids, but my best mate manages without despite having two daughters).

    • says:

      Love the wooden hangers idea. I have given so much to charity this year so that my rails are not cluttered. It makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier if you can see what you have.

  4. Ali says:

    Totally agreed with the comments above. I’ve been trying to ‘buy well, buy less’ it’s definitely working with winter clothes. I go look for pre loved cashmere on eBay and have found some amazing wyse and chinti bargains which are new and as new. Usually way out of my price range. I’ve also just received a pair of as new Mark Jacob’s real leather leggings as new. An investment at £130 but way less than new price of £595! Chuffed! I know I will wear and love them for years. The documentary was a real eye opener. Let’s hope it’s not a flash in the pan and is a something that we all learn to live by. Xxx

    • says:

      What a fantastic buy those Marc Jacobs leather leggings were! Well done you. I am a huge fan of pre-loved and charity shops, it’s a great way to afford designer pieces. I like you, hope it isn’t a flash in the pan. Together we can make a change. x

  5. Lucy says:

    Chloe – the dress is now on line (all sizes)- link below. You look gorgeous in it. X

  6. Ali says:

    No idea where I got Mark Jacobs from, they’re Michael Kors. I love them soooooo much. I picked up 3 boxes of wooden hangers from a sample sale £5 for 20! Can only fit 20 in the wardrobe!!!

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