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After falling in love with the Chanel biker boots in duty free the other day, I have been on a biker boot mission. Even at their duty free price of £1050 they are wildly beyond my budget. I ordered the Zara dupes, which sadly just aren’t comfortable enough for me. Compared to the M&S boots I am wearing today, which were comfortable the minute I put them on my feet, I could tell that even with a little breaking in, they were too narrow for my feet. And, my breaking in shoes days are well and truly over. I was prepared to do that in my 20s and 30s, but my 40’s have brought the wisdom that life is just too short to ‘break in’ shoes. Alas the M&S gold sparklies courts (which I loved!)  and my recent Veja trainers purchase went straight back for the same reason. I know loads of people absolutely swear by the comfort of Veja, but I think we all have such different shaped feet, and what’s comfortable for my foot, may be completely different for yours. I really love the look of Veja trainers, and if you want to try them out then now is the time as they are currently 15% off with the code FASHIONFIX15. (See here)



Let’s have a look at the options…


  1. Zara – £89.99
  2. Dune – £140 
  3. Kurt Geiger – £189
  4. Chanel – £1250 

I think I might go and try on the Dune boots in store. You may well be asking why I am looking for a new pair when I have this comfortable pair from M&S… They are lovely but a little on the plane side, so I am looking for something a bit more jazzy. I really like juxtapostion of the pearls against the masculine biker boot.


Someone has just sent me these as another option. I must admit they look really lovely and with the current 25% off they would be worth a try!

La Redoute – £115 (-25%)

M&S – £59

While I am here, I should mention my Aurora London bag.  I get SO many questions about this bag. In my opinion, the quality is on a par with my Gucci Soho, size wise it’s a tiny bit bigger, all that’s missing is that sexy double G. But I really love it with the subtle gold monogramming and sometimes an outfit calls for a classic handbag. It comes in so many different colours and I really do think it’s an amazing price given the quality.

Gigi Bag from Aurora London – £115 

Oh and one last thing, my phone case. It had a lot of love on stories last night. It’s from Casetify and this is the exact one I ordered.

Are you a fan of biker boots? Have you found a pair that you love?

Thanks for reading. I am off to join the army! 🙂  Love, Chloe x

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7 responses to “Biker Boots”

  1. Lucinda says:

    I am not initially drawn to such chunky biker boots but I have a feeling by the end of the season I will be donning a pair – I will just have to hide them from the husband who would be horrified!!

  2. Sam McKean says:

    I love my chunky boots and have several pairs, the pearl ones (no2) you have are very similar to a zara pair I got last year which I still wear. I have just purchased a pair of biker/hiker style boots too and think they are so versatile. I hope you find a pair you really love!

  3. Annette Rawlinson says:

    How about Mango’s Biker Boots. Online only in the Uk I believe but I have just bought while on holiday in Spain. All leather and very comfortable, true to size. May not be ‘jazzy’ enough? Massimo had some edgier ones too.

    • says:

      I looked at the Mango ones but I wasn’t too keen on the silver zip. Will check out Massimo thanks!!

  4. Danish Pastry says:

    The biker boots aren’t for me I’m afraid, but I did unwittingly buy in to the snakeskin trend when I fell in love with a navy pair of boots at the end of last winter.
    Now the Aurora bag, is a totally different kettle of fish – I bought mine after seeing yours, especially as you said it was as good as the disco Soho. So happy with it, it’s like a yard is, I can get so much in it!

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