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If you told me I was only allowed one pair of shoes in my wardrobe, I’d have to choose trainers. They’re good for all seasons, versatile, comfortable, cool and go with absolutely everything. Trainers are definitely having their fashion moment and you’ll see those of the chunky variety every where you look. I have to say chunky trainers are not my thing. I prefer something a little more feminine – perhaps it has something to do with being petite, but they feel heavy and clunky on me. Not knocking them, they’re just not quite right on me.

The great thing about trainers is that you wear them to death. Just like a great pair of jeans, your cost per wear starts to fall into negative numbers. But, after a while they can begin to look a little too bashed in. (Not even going to mention the whiff factor, but let’s just say I have worn mine a few times this summer without any socks. And regretted it!) So I’m on the hunt for a fresh pair of trainers and have been thinking about which way to go. My budget won’t stretch to the Saint Laurents, but if it did I would buy those without hesitation. I think they are BEAUTIFUL. Golden Goose are a hundred pounds less, but still hold a hefty price tag at £325 and I don’t think I can justify another pair. I do own a pair with pink trimmings, but they can be limiting, so I’d say if you are going to invest in a single pair, then opt for mostly white with a neutral/metallic trim if you want a splash of something. Obviously if you have the budget to own more than one pair then adding colour to your collection is a great idea.

So after Golden Goose, the next step down would be Veja. I really love the look of Veja and the idea of a little extra height – I am just worried that they aren’t going to be as comfortable as my Golden Goose or Stans. If you are a Veja convert, please comment below.

I have done a little round up of my favourites, with something to suit all budgets.

  1. Boden – £75 
  2. Kurt Geiger – £129 
  3. Stan Smiths – £89 (-25% with code SAVE25)
  4. Golden Goose – £325
  5. Veja – £110
  6. Seven Feet Apart – £169
  7. Saint Laurent – £425



I have just found this pair of Golden Goose on Brand Alley for £245. Not sure how many sizes they have but definitely worth a look!  



And just in case you needed convincing, here are a few ways to wear your trainers. (All photos are from Pinterest)






*Top Tip*

If you find trainer socks tricky (mine have a habit of rolling down when I walk) then I can highly recommend sheepskin insoles. You can remove them to wash them when you need to and they keep your feet warm. I buy mine from Etsy.

Lambswool Insoles from Etsy – £6


What I wore today…

Sunglasses Miu Miu (old) / Cashmere V Neck Knit – M&S £75 (I sized up to a 12 for a slouchy fit) / Bag Chloe (not current) / Jeans AG Jeans – £255 / Mules John Lewis – £79 

Are you passionate about trainers? Do you have a favourite brand? If so, I would love to hear from you. It might help my decision making process!

Thanks for reading.

Much love

Chloe x


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29 responses to “Trainers for life…”

  1. Joanne coe says:

    I permanently have cold ankles (we live in the North East) so am definitely going to try the sheepskin insoles!! I tried the Veja’s but the tongue really dug into my ankle – super painful. I am currently “borrowing” my daughters superstars and they are so comfortable, while waiting to try the Boden ones…! But this bare ankle fashion is proving a complete disaster for me!

    • says:

      I’ve heard that about Veja from others… Trainers really need to be comfortable. Not keen on bare ankles either, but cool socks are the way forward in winter I think

  2. Anna says:

    Hi Chloe,
    Do you know anything about Air and Grace trainers? Ive been looking at them all weekend!
    Your post is timing perfection 😊

  3. Michaela says:

    Hi Chloe,

    I love your blog posts and instrastories.
    I have been a veja convert this summer. I always wear converse and absolutely love them but wanted a change so tried Stan smiths but they didn’t look right so tried veja. To start they were hard and not so comfy but after some wear they great and I love them. I got the white with just black so goes with everything. Ash are my other love,
    Silver with the stars also go with loads.
    Thanks for all the style tips xx

    • says:

      Oh that’s so goof to hear, so they took a little breaking in… if I know they’ll end up comfy I will go for it as I love the look of them!

  4. Danish pastry says:

    I love my trainers! My favorite are unlined Stan Smith’s in a nubuck. They were the coolest of all my trainers!
    I have two pairs from Boden, they are so comfy. I would say they come up slightly small and don’t do half sizes,, so if in doubt size up. I also check out places like Hobbs and Jigsaw, they have some stylish options too (I bought a pair of white leather woven trainers from Hobbs for about £95, similar to a Kurt Geiger pair that were A lot more money)!
    As for trainer socks, I always wear them. My favourites are from Esprit:
    Falke do some similar (cotton step), which are lower cut (why I bought them), but are twice the price. Both have a rubber bit at the heel to stop slipping, and I don’t have a problem with them.

  5. Danish pastry says:

    That’s coolest as in temperature during the heatwave!

  6. Jo says:

    Hi Chloe. I must admit I’m a Golden Goose fan with a pretty expensive habit. Only problem is that they end up looking even more distressed than GG intended and I think they look a bit too bartered. I did buy the Veja you’ve shown and agree the tongue does poke out. I considered trimming it but was so desperate to wear them I just put them on and went out. They have absolutely softened up and are so comfy. They are bulkier than GG but not Balenciaga height!! As for socks, Falke did some gorgeous ones last year with a little girly frill in metallic and pale pink. They look fab. Xx

  7. karen Robinson Walton says:

    Bought a white pair by Ugg with just a simple metallic trim last year ….. think I got them for £100 small fitting though . But love them !Thanks as always for the style tips

  8. laineymurray says:

    Hi Chloe, I have (three pairs of 😳) Golden goose and a pair of Veja Esplar. I find the Veja so uncomfortable 😣. They’re too flat, I can’t wear Converse for that reason and it seems I have the same problem with the Veja (esplar anyway, maybe other styles are different?!) I did wear them as I like the look but in hindsight a different pair would have been better. I have high arches and therein lies the problem. FWIW I got my latest pair of GGDB on Flannels and they were half price. I don’t have the budget for them either btw I just think they’re worth it. Actually I remember now that Flannels definitely had the Saint Laurent before and they were either 30 or 50% off. laineymurray x

  9. Sam says:

    Hi Chloe- Veja Esplar are really comfortable and very cool. I love my 2 pairs. Re GG, I have a pair 2nd hand from Vestiaire. Hardly worn and less than half the price- no need to buy new. X

    • says:

      Ooh thats a great idea. I have actually just found them on Brand Alley, so I nabbed a brand new pair for £245. Hopefully they will fit! xxx

  10. torty says:

    Have you tried Air & Grace? Nearly as comfy as my Golden Goose!

  11. Kerry says:

    Hi Chloe , Was really into how Veja look but they are soooooo uncomfortable – tongue killed at the front and blisters a go go on my heel. Shouldn’t have to break in trainers so I am back to my trusty Nike Internationalists ,.. xx

  12. Mandy says:

    I have GGDB which I Love, but I’ve always worn converse as a staple part of my sneaker wardrobe, in a multitude of different colours. I bought a pair of silver Veja sneakers in June this year which look fabulous and go with everything but they are one of the most uncomfortable in my repertoire of ‘sneakers’ 😫 – they really hurt my toes and are hard and unforgiving. My most comfy pair are from last season Zara!! I get loads of complements on them when I wear them….

    • says:

      Such good feedback thank you so much!!

    • says:

      I have just found my perfect pair of Golden Goose on Brand Alley! Thats so interesting re the Veja – I have ordered a pair to try but I have heard they aren’t that comfy for the majority. xx

  13. Robyn says:

    Hi Chloe, I’m also a trainer addict! I recently bought the Air and Grace Cru (the silver with stars) and they truly are so comfortable! They have this divine inner sole that is so soft! I also prefer dainty trainers and shoes in general and these definitely are! I’ve received so many compliments on them. Love them! I have my eye on the plain white ones but last time I looked they were sold out! They’ve just brought out high tops too… umm must say I’m not affiliated with them just love them 😊

    • says:

      Thanks Robyn – they sound worth a try. I do love the look of them. Good to hear they are really comfy. x

  14. Sarah McLoughlin says:

    Good to know about Veja and high instep… These look lovely (they do great boots `also):

  15. Michelle says:

    Axel Arigato Clean 90 are my favourites. Excellent quality and mid-range for price at about £150/60. Such a versatile trainer – literally can wear with anything.

  16. Kate Hutchinson says:

    I have the Veja Esplar and they are like slippers!! I can’t remember them being uncomfortable, even at the beginning. I guess every foot is different! They are by far my favourite trainers ever and still look amazing even though I have worn them for 2 years. I would highly recommend.

    • says:

      I think I might give them a go – I found them on La Redoute so had the usual discount.. Thanks for the feedback!

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