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I’ve got my knickers in a twist recently – I suppose you could call it a crisis of confidence. I think it’s because I am torn between wanting to slim my wardrobe down and focus on building a wardrobe of classics and investment pieces and my job, which is ultimately to show you new clothes that are available to buy. I feel like Instagram has taken over from blogs on the fashion front, and that people would much rather look at an instagram feed for inspiration than click through to read a blog, because, frankly, does anyone have the time anymore? So, if you are reading this post, thank you from the bottom of my heart, because it means I could be wrong!

You see the problem I have is that A) I don’t have the budget (or the inclination) to buy new clothes all the time. I am lucky enough to be offered clothes from brands every now and then, but I do have a fairly strict policy on this front. If it’s not something I would pay for myself then I shouldn’t accept the gift. B) I am time poor. My working days are short because I have to be at the school gates on the dot of 3.30 every day, so I struggle to find time to shop and shoot outfits. So for me, this is where the blog comes into play.  I am able to show you things that I love, without having to buy them and photograph them.

With that little mind dump out of the way (sorry!) I wanted to share my Five Favourite Finds this week.


In case you didn’t know, snakeskin, along with leopard is IN. I know, leopard has never been out, but it’s REALLY IN this season. I don’t know about you, but to me, snakeskin feels like leopard’s subtle sister. It’s just a little more understated.  I loved this skirt in Topshop and if you are a skirt person, it would be such a useful purchase. Pair with a neutral knit and boots in the winter months and a pointed mule in the spring. It’s worth mentioning that this kind of skirt will sell out very quickly, so if you like this look, don’t delay.

Wear with…


Topshop – £42 

Okay, I realise it feels a bit crazy buying strappy sandals as we head into winter, but these are just so gorgeous and I think they would be unbelievably useful all year round. For all those colourful dresses when you haven’t a clue what shoes to wear, opt for nude. They go with everything AND lengthen your legs. These are such an amazing price for £42. They remind me of the Chloe ones from a few years back. (see below) Forget about the trends, these would be forever heels.



(The Chloe version from a few years back)


Tan Bag – & Other Stories £89 


Another wardrobe staple, a tan (and suede) leather handbag. This one has a touch of the Chloe Faye about it for a fraction of the cost. Perfect for pairing with all your floral winter dresses and tan boots…

(The Chloe Bags below for comparison’s sake!)


M&S Cashmere Knit – £75

If I think back to last Autumn/Winter, the most worn item in my wardrobe was probably a black cashmere knit. And when it comes to cashmere, I don’t think you can beat M&S on quality and price. I would think about sizing up if you want it to be a little oversized and also have a look at the men’s cashmere if you have broad shoulders. In my experience, M&S cashmere washes well and is really good quality.


Gucci Sunglasses – were £240 now £145 

This might sound crazy, but I wear my sunglasses all year round because I have such light sensitive eyes. I also use sunglasses as an accessory for my outfit and have an entire drawer FULL. A few designer pairs and plenty of high street (which I am told are not great protection for my eyes!) so I am always looking for good bargains and found these on Brand Alley.

Celine – Were £260 now £169 

There are loads more designer sunglasses to have a look at here. I must admit I have become a little Brand Alley obsessed recently and have snapped up some real bargains. The bedding I bought recently was SUCH good quality and they currently have these Belledorm bedding sets on offer. Worth checking out if you need a fresh batch of white sheets. (Who doesn’t at the change of the season?!)


So that’s it, my Friday five. And a big HIGH FIVE to many of us for reaching the end of a busy back to school week. Wishing you all a relaxing weekend and as ever, thank you for reading.




Dress : Zara £39.99, Boots : Zara £69.99

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24 responses to “Five on Friday”

  1. Elaine Hudson (Huds71 on insta) says:

    Keep going with the blog definitely! You can give more about yourself on there and that’s what I hear is the reason people will follow you, if they can relate to your thing (and your wobbles) You can be real and true to yourself. P.S where is the tan bag from I can’t seem to see. X

  2. Fiona says:

    I read the blogs! Love them!

  3. Jaz Birk says:

    Fantastic blog I know where you are coming from when it comes to writing a blog post on fashion pieces and then to post on inta as that seems to get all the attention. I’m only just starting out as I have been posting on my insta page for around 10 months. Keep up your good work you are doing great and I love your styles. And carry on with your blog posts as they are a great read! X

    • says:

      Thank you so much Jaz. I guess the blog will always be our first passion and I guess that’s no bad thing when Instagram could close tomorrow?! ☺️

  4. Danish Pastry says:

    Love the blog! To me it’s like take away (instagram) versus a proper restaurant sit down meal (blog), there is room for both, but the blog is what I like best.
    Personally I want a wardrobe that I know is going to work for me through the years, with a bit of tweeting to keep it current. Few of us have the budget to buy week in week out, so we have to get smart about our style choices. I love seeing how you style things, and I especially love seeing the same item styled differently. That’s the real world for most of us.
    Snakeskin is probably my animal print of choice, but strangly only in blue. I’m so pleased that the blue snakeskin boots I bought at the end of last winter are going to be spot on for the coming season, but they’re still classic enough to be worn for several years.

    • says:

      Thank you so much this is so lovely to read. As always your encouragement is hugely appreciated. Have a lovely Sunday ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Sacha Hale says:

    Love your blog stories so please don’t stop! Big smile! X

  6. SALLY says:

    I love your blogs and feeds Chloé, you are honest and down to earth and your clothes are (mostly) affordable and always stylish. I have bought many pieces (navy mango coat last year was my most complimented item!) because of your recommendations. Please don’t lose heart or faith! X

    • says:

      Thank you so much for the encouragement Sally, it means so much that you took the time to leave such a lovely comment. Wasn’t that Mango pea coat the best?! Can’t wait to wear it again this season x

  7. Bookgirl_12 says:

    I love the blog. I tend to read blogs instead of magazines these days! Please keep blogging x

  8. Sharon says:

    I think the blog and Instagram are as much about finding new ways to wear your existing clothes as they are about buying new stuff. Most people don’t have unlimited budgets (or wardrobe space!).
    And whilst Instagram is good for a quick flick through, it’s lovely to actually read something well put together on a blog. I like the fact that you can swipe to the blog from stories, keep doing that! Go with your instinct, it’s served you well so far xx

    • says:

      Thank you so much Sharon, for your support and encouragement and for taking the time to reply ❤️

  9. Lena says:

    Love your blog! I’ve only recently discovered your IG and love that you have a blog for me to read more! Thank you!

    • says:

      Thank you so much Lena. For reading and for taking the time to comment, it’s hugely appreciated xxx

  10. Cheryl says:

    Oh Chloe,
    You are an inspiration. You are reaching and influencing so many women worldwide. Believe in yourself. I’m based in Malaysia, and yet through you I feel connected my British roots. I adore your frankness, about clothes, interiors, motherhood and plus life in general. I implore you, please continue to Blog and post on Instagram too if you can juggle the time to do so.

  11. Sam McKean says:

    Don’t go anywhere! I love your blog. Endless changing room shots can get a bit boring. I love your take on how to put outfits together and ideas on how to pull in items from your existing wardrobe. I think there is definitely space in the blogger sphere to talk about classic buys as well as the lifestyle posts that you sometimes add. I tend to scan instagram and use blogs for content. You have a lovely writing style and it’s very engaging. If you’re happy to keep going, then please do x

    • says:

      Thank you so much for the support and encouragement Sam! So sweet of you. I will definitely keep going. ❤️

  12. Denise taylorson says:

    Hi, yes I agree about the instagram, which can sometimes seem like an effort. I ike the blog a lot and just bought the sandals 👏🏻👏🏻

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