New Season – 3 Wardrobe Staples

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When I returned from our Summer holiday last week, I wasn’t ready to think about Autumn and the new season fashion for a few days.  One week later and I have packed away my summery sandals and swimsuits and I’m starting to feel excited about adding some autumnal pieces to my wardrobe. I’ve swapped my sandals for trainers and loafers and although it took a few days to get used to the feeling of wearing jeans again, they are once again my go to item in the morning. I have been wearing my looser fitting jeans (an ancient pair from H&M and my Levis) but the holiday bloat seems to have shifted (I haven’t had a drop of alcohol for 10 days!) so today I wore my slimmer fitting AG Jeans and I remembered why I love them so much. I only discovered the joys of AG Jeans very recently and I think they’ll be the first brand I look at for designer jeans in future. I love high street jeans and own (far too) many pairs, but they don’t hold their shape throughout the day, and I think if you wear denim often enough, it is worth investing if you can.

As we head into the new season, my advice would be to have a good think about your wardrobe before you starting buying new pieces. Think about the staples and the pieces you wear the most and whether you have any gaping holes. Are you still hankering after the perfect pair of jeans? Do you own a good black blazer? Is your white shirt looking a little tired? Fill the holes before you decorate… (I thought about that analogy while I was slapping polyfiller on the walls yesterday. I kid you not!)

After jeans, there are two items I think every wardrobe should have. A white shirt and a pair of comfortable, nude shoes. When it comes to white shirts, I tend to stick with cotton or linen for a more casual look. The one I am wearing is old from Whistles but if you are looking to add a white shirt to your wardrobe, then I think this one from H&M would be an excellent buy for £29.99. I would keep linen for pairing with more casual items like jeans, and opt for cotton for wearing with skirts or more formal trousers. I really like the look of this one from Boden for £45.

I have been looking for a pair of nude mules for a while now, so I was very excited when I found these. There are a few reasons I love them. 1) They are pointed 2) They are really comfortable 3) Nude shoes elongate your legs and as someone who wasn’t blessed with long limbs, I am all over anything that gives the illusion of longer legs.

When they first arrived, they were a little bit squeaky and I have to say I was a little worried that would never go. It was a gamble. I owned a pair of shoes from Boden once upon a time that squeaked until I decided that I could not bear to squeak anymore and sent them to the charity shop so someone else could endure the squeak(!)  But these were immediately comfortable and exactly what I have been looking for, so I braved the squeakage and I am pleased to report after an hour or so, it disappeared. I think the new weaved leather just needed a little time to mould to my foot. Anyway, I am really pleased with them and although they felt a little on the expensive side at £79, I know I will wear them until they fall apart.

I thought I would share my current wishlist with you. I am stalking the Next Khaki Jumpsuit which is currently out of stock in my size, in the hope that they will restock. If you are a size 12 or 14, you’re in luck! I absolutely love all the corduroy suits landing on the high street, but I am not sure they are very suited to my lifestyle, so I think I may opt for the navy corduroy jacket that I can wear with jeans instead. Probably more my style. Having said that, I have a teal velvet blazer from Topshop last season so I probably don’t need another. Hmmmmm… Velvet, corduroy, completely different looks, right?! Don’t answer that…;-)

I have included a velvet Gucci handbag on my little wishlist. I suspect that is where it will stay, but can you believe I still haven’t bought my 40th birthday present to myself ?! (I am turning 41 in October) Some of you might remember that I sold lots of my clothes last year to save up for a pair of Chanel shoes. Well, I ended up changing my mind about them, and haven’t touched the money. I’m pretty good like that… Anyway, I really want to mark my 40th with a special purchase, so I plan to take a trip to Bicester Village when the children go back to school and before I turn 41!

My new season wishlist



I had planned to put a packing blog post together featuring what I packed for Kefalonia. However, I feel like the moment may have passed and that no-one wants to read about packing for a Summer holiday now. If this is something you want to read, please let me know in the comments below, otherwise I will focus on the beauty posts that I have up my sleeve.

As ever, thanks for reading. I am really excited to be back in the land of blogging!


Chloe x

Shirt – Whistles (old) but similar here

Jeans – AG Jeans

Bag – Aurora London

Shoes – Modern Rarity 

Necklace – Robinson Pelham 

Sunglasses – Chloe (past season similar here)

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3 responses to “New Season – 3 Wardrobe Staples”

  1. Danish Pastry says:

    Yes to jeans, shirts (although mine is blue), and to nude shoes. I’m also waiting on a navy boilersuit (khaki boilersuits have tragic connotations when you live in Denmark). A petite velvet blazer is on my list, as are a pair of slim or straight sky blue trousers in a weight suitable for autumn/winter.

    That gucci bag sounds like a good option for your birthday present, it’s a classic!

  2. Chantel says:

    Love your posts and blog Chloé…have bought a few of the pieces you have posted over the last couple of months, and really love them all. My husband might not be happy with my online shopping craze ☺️, but just wanted to say thanks for your lovely advice and style inspiration! Xx
    P.S. holiday packing is a nightmare in my house with 2 kids….so a holiday checklist would be amazing 👍🏼

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