Vichy Ideal Soleil – a firm family favourite

When it comes to suncream I have always stuck with the french brands Vichy and La Roche Posay. They are a little more expensive, but I try not to skimp when it comes to protecting my family’s skin and two of my daughter’s are allergic to most suncreams, so we have tried and tested quite a few over the years. Last summer we used the Vichy Suncreams, but we all seem to favour a slightly lighter texture and sprays tend to be easier to apply than creams. The oil sprays are great but I find that they can  ruin swimwear, so I was thrilled to discover Vichy’s Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water. (£14.25)   I feel I must mention that is not an advert. When it comes to anything beauty and skincare related I know that I always like to hear about recommendations when there is no sponsorship involved.  And since there has been so much interest over on my stories, I thought I would answer your questions on the blog as stories drop off..

Q. Does it leave a sticky feeling ? 

A. No, it sinks in quickly and is really light and refreshing on the skin. 

Q. Can you apply it to your face?

A. I don’t, because I use Elta MD SPF 46 on my face, but my husband and kids all sprayed it on their face.

Q. Is it good for sensitive skins? 

A. I think so. It is hypoallergenic and my daughter who is allergic to most suncreams had no reaction. But everyone is different, of course! 

Q. Does it smell nice?

A. It has a lovely gentle and fresh fragrance, but nothing too powerful. 


Here’s what Sonia Haria, Beauty Director at the Telegraph had to say about it…

‘The SPF I couldn’t stop using on my recent holiday was Vichy’s new Ideal Soleil Hydrating SPF30 ProtectiveSolar Water (£19). This is as far from a traditional sun cream as you can get. The light oily water (which you have to shake to activate, like those bi-phase cleansers) is dispensed as a smart mist, which you can use on the face and body. The oil contains broad-spectrum UVA and UVB filters (the filters absorb UV rays to keep the skin protected in direct sunlight) and vitamin E to nourish the skin. The water is made up from the mineral waters from Vichy’s own springs, and hyaluronic acid (the hydrating beauty wonder ingredient). I used it for a week in Greece, reapplying several times a day, and it felt more like a luxury body oil – without the greasiness.”

Having shopped around, most places have it on offer, so you shouldn’t need to pay the full price (£19) Boots currently have offers on suncream so I am going to stock up for our Greek holiday, because with this gorgeous weather we are having, I think the five of us will get through it quickly!

I also spotted this on and think it might be worth a try. Protection and tan enhancer in one!








Vichy Ideal Soleil Bronzing Sun Protection Water – currently £14.25 from Boots

I hope that’s helpful.

Love Chloe x


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