White Cotton Tops

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I have started to think about packing for our upcoming summer holiday. It’s probably far too early, because we don’t go until the beginning of August, but I find packing fairly tedious, so I thought I would start thinking about what I would like to take early this year. It’s packing under pressure that gets me every year, so I thought I would take away the pressure and get started well ahead of time.  I have made myself a little ‘holiday corner’ in the dressing room and I am gradually putting aside bits I would like to take on holiday. The heatwave does mean I keep pinching from the pile, but it has also been a great test run for working out which items are comfortable to wear in the heat. Greece gets very hot and sticky, so I tend to pack a suitcase of very light cottons and silks and avoid anything with a sleeve. I always pack a pair of denim shorts, they are great for popping over a swimsuit to walk to the beach. Another holiday essential is a few white, cotton tops. I have collected a few over the years, so the ones you see in this post are not available to buy, which is why I have had a good look around and chosen my favourites. I have tried to find tops that are a little off the beaten track, as I do think this is an item of clothing worth investing in, if you can. Sometimes the quality of the fabric makes all the difference.

Top Soeur Paris / Bag Raefeather / Denim Shorts Uniqlo / Bracelets Bella Jane Jewellery

My Edit of Summer White Tops that are a little bit special…



Top last season from Urban Outfitters.

If you haven’t got the budget to spend, then here are a few high street finds for you to consider…The only thing I would say is be a bit careful with cheap broderie anglaise. Sometimes it can look just that, particularly after a wash.


Top with broderie anglaise - White - Ladies | H&M GB 1

H&M – £12.99

Crinkled cotton top - White - Ladies | H&M GB 1

H&M – £17.99

Embroidered cotton top - White - Ladies | H&M GB 1

H&M – £24.99

Blouse with broderie anglaise - White - Ladies | H&M GB 1

H&M – £19.99 Image 2 of EMBROIDERED TOP from Zara

Zara – Now £12.99 

Image 2 of FRILLED TOP from Zara

Zara – Now £12.99 


Zara – Now £12.99

Top Zara, sold out but similiar above

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