One Skirt 5 Ways…

I had an ASOS delivery this morning, most of which is heading straight back and isn’t even worth showing you, but I thought this skirt probably needed a little more consideration than usual. For starters, it’s pink, striped and probably quite memorable. (One of the downsides of documenting your daily outfits on instagram… Oh look, she’s wearing THAT skirt again 😉 ) All of that said, I do really like it, so I decided to style it various different ways with my existing wardrobe to see how it would slot in. This is something I do quite often, usually in the evening once Charlie is settled. I really enjoy these little home styling sessions. They give me ideas for outfits for those days when I am short of time, they remind me what I have in my wardrobe and quite often, if I take photos of the outfits, there will be a few that I decide don’t work on reflection. I will always try to dress a piece up and down, especially if it feels more formal. My lifestyle requires casual dressing most of the time, so I try to avoid buying too many ‘occasion’ pieces.

I thought this morning’s try on session might make a fun blog post, so here we have, one skirt, 5 ways.  Some of the pieces I am wearing are not current, so I will link a similar look for you below each outfit. I think given how easily I was able to style the skirt, I will be keeping it… what do you think?


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4 responses to “One Skirt 5 Ways…”

  1. Danish Pastry says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I like seeing the same item again and again – after all that’s what most of us do. The best bit is seeing the different ways an item can be styled, so it’s a no brainer to say this post is right up my street!

  2. Bookgirl_12 says:

    Absolutely agree ❤

  3. annie says:

    Yes, me too – I love seeing the same things, new things, old things, all of the things.

  4. Jan says: Also like seeing things again and again as that is real life for most of us. Too many instagram accounts are now packed with clothing which has clearly been gifted and is shown once then never seen again . Love your account Chloe and Fran’s for that matter. My insta favourites 😊.

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