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Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to spend a night at Soho Farmhouse with Hush to preview their new collection which launches TODAY.  Soho Farmhouse has been on my wishlist of places to stay ever since it opened. My husband is an ‘Every House’ member but trying to find a night away together without the children has proved harder than trying to keep my family’s socks in pairs. And that’s saying something…

I am very lucky to have my mum who will happily look after the children, but combined work commitments and the children’s extremely busy weekends have meant that our romantic Soho Farmhouse getaway hasn’t been realised. (Yet, I hope!) So when the invite from Hush dropped into my inbox, I may have felt a little giddy with excitement. Then I discovered that most of the other guests that had been invited were ladies that I feel lucky enough to call friends, and it felt like all my Christmases had come at once.

One of the things I miss most about working in an office is the daily chit chat and laughter with people who understand your working world. The frustrations, the highs, the lows, the challenges (both technical and emotional!) – every job has them and in that sense blogging hasn’t been any different, except that most of the time you are on your own, with only (in my case) two kitties to talk to!  So forming a few true friendships over the past couple of years has been something I have valued enormously. That would have to be my best piece of advice to anyone starting out as a blogger.  On those days when you feel full of self-doubt (there will be plenty!) it’s really important to know that you have someone that you can call on who has walked in your (work) shoes. They won’t always have the answer, but sometimes just chatting something through with someone who understands can bring clarity and humour to a situation.  I am sure many of you know that for me, that person has been Fran. She has been an incredible support and friend from early on in my blogging journey, so to be able to spend a night away in a beautiful location with her and some other lovely blogger friends felt like the biggest treat.  And to be in a position that allows me to call that ‘work’, is something I will never take for granted.

The Farmhouse

Soho Farmhouse is an oasis of calm and a world away from the bustle of London, where I live. I could almost feel my shoulders drop and my breathing slow down the minute I arrived and inhaled the calming country scent of wood burning and fresh rainfall. Not long after our arrival, we were whisked away from the main reception in a pale green 1950s milk float to the main building for a little tour of the Main Barn, the farmyard, a few other entertainment barns, the Electric Farm Cinema and the Cowshed Spa. Soho House operates a strict no phones/photos policy to protect the privacy of their guests, so you’ll have to take my word for it, it’s pretty impressive.

My room was located in the original seven bedroom Farmhouse, complete with it’s own kitchen (with aga) dining room, drawing room and snug. My bedroom was cosy and quirky and full of homely, country charm. When I walked in, Classic FM was playing on the Roberts Radio next to my bed and I was suddenly filled with nostalgia. It felt like I had come to stay with an old family friend who lived in the country. And at that moment, Fran, who was staying in the room next door, popped her head round to ask me if I would like a cup of tea! Her timing couldn’t have been better…

The bed (enormous enough to have comfortably slept my entire family and two cats) had those crisp but cosy white sheets and a zillion pouffy pillows with a lovely view of the courtyard. I had an en-suite bathroom that had an incredibly powerful shower AND a roll top bath which I managed to fill to the brim with bubbles for a luxurious soak after our dinner that night. One thing is for sure, they have thought of EVERYTHING you could possibly need. From wellies to flip flops, phone chargers in every room, hair straighteners, hot water bottles – you name it, they’ve thought of it.

My bedroom

Shower decisions!

The view from my bathroom window

The pistachio green bicycles are the official mode of transport for the guests on the farm and I think cycling around might have been my favourite bit of the whole experience. (I should probably add that I  didn’t manage to squeeze in a trip to the pool or the spa and yes, I am fairly easy to please!) It’s like an uber posh, and infinitely more peaceful Centreparcs. (I am a big fan of Centreparcs by the way, and we will be visiting again in June) After experiencing some fairly hairy cycle trips around central London recently, cycling around the grounds with no cars in sight and clean, fresh country air whipping against my face instead of thick city smog was really quite relaxing and the perfect way to see the farm in it’s entirety.

Erna and I ready to cycle.

After delicious tapas style lunch, we looked at the new collection and even got to try on a few of our favourite pieces.

I snapped a few of my favourite pieces, some of which will only be available later in May.

Not online yet..

Not the best photo, but the dress is gorgeous

Fran and I ready to smash our pinata!

On my wishlist is the Love Jumper I borrowed for a bike ride (available to buy late May) and the Tabitha Skirt and Cami which has already sold out in most sizes! So on that note I won’t delay any longer, you might want to get shopping. Here are my picks from the new collection…

And here’s one final outtake that completely sums up the trip.

Thank you Hush for an extremely spoiling trip filled with laughter, a fabulous bunch of ladies (Alex and Natasha from WearandWhere, Erna Leon from Mercer 7, Julia from Stylonylon, Pascale from Stylemum , Joanne from Stylist and the Wardrobe and Fran from The Fashionlift ) amazing food and gorgeous clothes. This girl couldn’t ask for any more…

Love Chloe x

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  1. Marie says:

    All looks fabulous! It’s our 25th wedding anniversary this year and I’ve been shortlisting places to spend it – Soho Farmhouse looks just the kind of place.
    As an aside, where is your polka dot shirt dress from in the last pic please? I’ve been looking for something just like it x

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