These Jeans are made for tucking…

You’ll have to forgive the brief post today, but I have had a few messages about these jeans recently. Some of you might remember my recent quest to find a pair of high waisted straight leg jeans. I tried on sooo many pairs (far too many to document) and I had almost given up altogether when I hit the denim jackpot with these Topshop Moto Straight Jeans.  And I can’t get them in and out of the wash quick enough. What I love about them the most, is that they give the illusion of longer legs, because they are so high on the waist. I ordered a 30 inch leg and they were the perfect length, but you could easily chop the 32 inch leg to the desired length if the 30 is too short. A top tip for fraying your jeans, is chop then stick in a quick wash and they come out frayed. No need to spend hours with a pair of tweezers (been there, done that!) The other thing I have found, is that all the tops I have been neglecting because they were a slightly awkward length, have been given a new lease of life, because these jeans are made for tucking! The green floral Zara kimono top below is a perfect example of this. As much as I loved it, whenever I put it on, I would end up taking it off. You know those tops that for one reason or another just don’t look quite right when they’re on. Well it turns out a little tuck can solve that problem. They would be the perfect pair of jeans if you are a body suit wearer (I am not, I just can’t get past the VPL) and if you’re wearing them with a jumper make sure you do the centre tuck so that you define your waist. (See below if you don’t know what I am talking about!)

So if you feel like your denim  collection could do with a little update and a change from your skinnies, these are  such a great buy for £40. As with all high street denim, I do find that they stretch with wear, so I like to wash them after a couple of wears, but I think that’s a small price to pay considering how inexpensive they are.

I have included outfit some snaps from the last week, a real testament to how much I love them, they feature in every photo!

They also come in black and some lighter blue shades.

Moto Straight Jeans – £40 

Moto Straight Leg in Black – £40

Worn with Zara kimono top (not current)

And here is a little selection of a few tops that have caught my eye and would be good to wear with your new high waisters!

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5 responses to “These Jeans are made for tucking…”

  1. Danish Pastry says:

    Loving your wrap blouse, is it still available?

  2. Amanda Raine says:

    Are these the same jeans you linked on instagram? They look different?

  3. Abbey says:

    Love this post Chloe and your jeans look fabulous. Hope you’re well xxx

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