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I have been on a quest to find the perfect pair of higher waisted, straighter legged, NOT too skinny  jeans without rips. After numerous deliveries, hours of online browsing and research, here are my findings. I *think* I have decided which ones I am keeping, although I keep changing my mind when I look at these photos.

*It might be helpful to know that I am 5’4, my waist measures 27 inches and my hips measure 34 inches.

1. LEVIS 501 Skinny Jeans –  Were £85 now £42.50

*room for a nappy*

I bought size 25 waist, 32 leg (28 inch leg wasn’t available) and had to roll them up twice.

Plus Points

  • nice high waist
  • give the illusion of curves
  • not too fitted on the legs
  • good price (currently half price)


  • I get that ‘room for a nappy’ look around the crotch. I think that would disappear if I bought them in a size 24/28 though, so it might be worth repurchasing.
  • Button Fly closure
  • Slightly baggy on the knees

2. GRLFRND Denim The Karolina- £260

I ordered these in a size 25.

Plus Points 

  • I love the colour of the denim.
  • Love the fit on the waist
  • Love the straight leg
  • Love the feel of the denim


  • No option to order your desired leg length
  • The price
  • Slightly roomy on my bum
  • Button Fly closure

3. MIH Daily High Rise Straight Leg Jeans – £215

I ordered these in a size 24.

Plus Points 

  • I have a couple of pairs of MIH jeans and they hold their shape more than any of my other pairs of jeans.
  • These seem to fit the best on my legs
  • Love the colour
  • Love the high waist
  • Zip closure


  • The price (although I am prepared to pay a bit more for jeans I know will last and fit really well)
  • The leg length – I would need to alter

4. ALEXANDER WANG Cult Cropped High Rise Straight Legged Jeans – £260



I ordered these in a size 24.

Plus Points 

  • Nice high waist
  • Good on the legs, not too tight, not too loose.
  • Zip Closure


  • Price
  • They are not cropped on me!

5. SEZANE 1967 BRUT SEXY – 95 euros

I ordered a size 24.

Plus Points 

  • They come with a raw hem. Always makes me feel better about chopping!
  • I love the colour
  • Great fit, lovely high waist and they sculpt to your body at the back
  • Good price for the quality
  • Lovely denim


  • Button Fly closure.

6. SEZANE 1958 The MOM Jean – 95 euros

I ordered these in a size 24. The bad news is that that’s the only size left available.

Plus Points 

  • Lovely high waist
  • Give the illusion of curves
  • Good shade of blue
  • Great fit on the bum
  • Price


  • They give that ‘room for a nappy’ look at the front.
  • They would need altering
  • Only size 24 left!


Ordered 25 waist 30 leg

Plus Points 

  • You can order your desired leg length
  • Cropped leg great for summer
  • High Waisted
  • Straight Leg
  • Great Price


  • Button Closure

8. J BRAND SELENA CROP – Were £220 now £99 


I bought a size 23 waist. I would always advise sizing down in J Brand as they stretch. Mine are about a year old

Plus Points 

  • They are a good length on me and I didn’t need to alter
  • Fit really well around the bum
  • Great denim which lasts and washes very well


  • I would prefer them to be slightly higher on the waist.
  • They have very few sizes left.

The final pair of jeans that I wanted to tell you about were recommended to me by a stylist  who recommends them to all her clients.

They are AG ‘ISABELLE’ Jeans – £249 

Apparently they fit like a dream, sit higher on the waist and have straight, slightly cropped legs which elongate. I have ordered them so will update the post with photos as soon as they arrive, along with any other jeans that I try. Hopefully it has been helpful. I am still not sure which ones I like the most, so if you have any preferences I would love to know your thoughts. Help me decide!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Chloe x


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11 responses to “The Jeans Post”

  1. Danish Pastry says:

    What’s the amount of lyrcra/ elastine in these. I’ve been wanting some with less stretch for a while now!

  2. Lucy says:

    I think the Karoline, MIH and JBrands look the best on you – they look fab. Not sure how you whittle them down from 3!! X

  3. Marie says:

    Great post! As a fellow shorty, I find getting the right jeans to be like looking for the holy grail, so it’s really helpful to see what they look like on someone of a similar height (even though you are still a couple of inches taller than me). I’ve been deliberating over the Sezane 1967 Brut jeans for a while and I think they’re still my favourites. Will need to shed some of my muffin-inducing christmas poundage before I try them though as everything looks wrong on me at the moment!

  4. Hannah says:

    Thanks for all this effort to help us all find that perfect jean! Ongoing for so many of us. Have you tried the topshop straight ones ?

  5. Vicky says:

    Wow! What dedication! I think I would’ve lost the will to live, in fact I know I would, you’ve just highlighted why jeans shopping is so hard and why we often end up with a pair that’s not quite right. Thank you for the public service!

  6. kb says:

    It must be the weekend for it! I have had three pairs arrive yesterday; two from Me&EM sale (AUTHENTIC STRAIGHT SIDE STRIPE JEAN and the COATED KICK FLARE and then a favourite – The Harper from A&G. Oh dear dp I keep them all?!!

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