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I thought I would dedicate today’s post to the high street after someone commented on my instagram that they can never afford anything on my blogs. I am not sure that’s strictly true, as I always try to mix things up and make sure I offer up a good range of price points, but perhaps I haven’t featured enough high street recently? I suppose that’s because as I get older, I am trying to invest in good quality items that I know will last. Yes, they are more expensive at the outset, but if they wash well, hold their shape and last for years then they are good value for money and I am cutting down on my personal contribution to landfill. However, I completely appreciate that when you are trying to make ends meet, those good quality items are way beyond the budget and high street is the only option. I always want this blog to be inclusive, so today I’m sharing some exciting high street finds.


Green Jumper Next – £30

Straight Leg Jeans Next – £30

Navy Peacoat Next – £60

Stan Smiths – £44.99

This Navy peacoat from Next would be such a good buy. They are timeless and finish off an outfit beautifully. Someone recommended these straight leg jeans to me after my jeans post and I must admit they look just the ticket. I am going to try them on instore and will report back. Stan Smiths, because I always come back to them. (In fact I am wearing them today)


Red Stripe Jumper New Look – £15.99

Loafers Dune – £74.99

Straight Leg Jeans M&S – £25

Suede Tote Bag New Look – Now £18

Sunglasses H&M – £7.99

I adore this jumper from Next, which also comes in two other lovely primary colours, yellow and red. Great colours to brighten up the winter months ahead of us. These straight leg jeans are new in at M&S and I love the shape of them. A total bargain at £25 and you can order your leg length which I love. The black suede bag from New Look is down from £44.99 to £18 so a real bargain.


Burgundy Teddy Coat New Look – £39.99

Black Ribbed Jumper New Look – £14.99

Leather Look Skirt Warehouse – £32

Black 100 Denier Tights Next – £12

Black Ankle Boots & Other Stories – £125

I think this gorgeous teddy coat from New Look (new in) will sell quickly. I love wearing burgundy in the winter and I always think it looks so good with an all black outfit. These boots from &Otherstories are a bit more expensive but I had to include them as I keep stalking them online. I love the lightening bolt at the side. Just on the tights front, I tend to go with a really high denier if I ever wear tights. These are 100 denier.

Stripe Jumper New Look – £24.99

Warehouse Skinny Jeans down to £10

Boots New Look – £25.99

Missoma Earrings – now £42

Yellow Bag Warehouse – now £15

I absolutely love this jumper and am really tempted to get it myself! The Warehouse skinny jeans are the ones I was wearing in this morning’s instagram post and are really comfortable as they have a nice high waist that gives the illusion of longer legs. Always a bonus. (They run true to size) Did I mention that they are down from £36 to just £10!! I absolutely love the look of these boots and even though they are not leather, I have found New Look shoes to be very comfortable in the past. The earrings are in the Missoma sale down from £70 and the yellow bag is reduced to £15 in the Warehouse sale. Always nice to add a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit in the winter.

Hope you are having a good monday so far. I am off to the shops before pickup to try on MORE jeans… Wish me luck.

Happy Shopping,


Chloe x

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16 responses to “High Street Hits”

  1. Amy turner says:

    Really love that green jumper from next! Whenever I look in next I feel everything is unnecessarily embleished (if that’s a word!) so it’s nice to see something plainish! Thanks.

  2. Marmitemoomin says:

    Love ALL of these looks! You never seem to miss a beat, whatever budget you work to!

  3. Kate says:

    Loving that teddy coat! Just ordered a coat from the hush sale though! Can I justify another new coat? 🤔 Probably I’ll find a way!! Beans on toast for dinner everyone 😂 X

  4. Lucy Husband says:

    You have just given me my next 4 days of outfits! I’ve got similar items I can make work with your matches, thank you for the inspiration x

  5. Noelia says:

    I totally agree with you. When you get older, you prefer to spend your money on better quality items. I see you buy at Zara and Mango. These shops have gone down in quality along the years (but not in price). I’m Spanish so I’ve known them for years. I prefer Massimo Dutti, which is another Spanish brand, a bit more expensive but totally worth it. I love your choices anyway!!

    • chloelovestoshop@yahoo.co.uk says:

      Yes I have come to expect that anything I buy from those two won’t last. It’s a shame because their designs are so good! Massimo Dutti is a great mid range brand, you are right. x

  6. Kate says:

    I’m a busy full time working Mum to two crazy boys. Of course I love to shop but have zero time. LOVE your blog, Instagram and stories.. I’ve given up buying magazines as you’re now my ‘fashion Holy grail’!! #completefashioninspo

  7. Tracy says:

    Thank you for a great post. Feel like I’ve list my fashion mojo and keep wearing black as its easy. Off you check out these bright jumpers and jeans. Perfect for working in the studio x

    • chloelovestoshop@yahoo.co.uk says:

      Black is so easy, and also always looks good, but I know what you mean, sometimes you want to mix in a bit of colour. xx

  8. Lou says:

    I think it’s not entirely accurate to suggest that what you feature is unaffordable. Of course there are always levels, but I suspect most women, by the time they’ve hit forty, are interested in clothes that have some quality and longevity and this is where our high street can fall short. Because the British high street seems to have such a focus on fashion and often lacks quality fabrics, I’ve started to look much more closely at Danish, Dutch and French brands whose price points seem to be somewhere in between high street and high end. Anyway, I think you do a grand job; whatever the price point. Lou x

    • chloelovestoshop@yahoo.co.uk says:

      Thank you Lou. I think it’s a natural progression isn’t it, that comes with getting older and perhaps a little wiser, with possibly a little more disposable income than you have in your twenties and thirties. Totally agree with you about the quality of the Danish Dutch and French brands… x

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