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I have been promising this blog post for a while, so I decided to get up really early and put it together while everyone sleeps as I hate to promise something and not deliver. (A frosty Sunday morning I might add. You’re welcome…:-) ) My girls have just turned 10 and 12, so gift ideas are fresh on my mind. Both of them are in the ‘My bedroom is my kingdom’ phase. When they have friends over, they retreat to their fairy lit rooms and only appear when they want food. I also have to knock before I enter… where did my little girls go?!  I digress…They are both really proud of their rooms and have, apart from the wall colour and blinds, decorated themselves. I think one daughter in particular may have inherited her mother’s penchant for interiors! I have made the assumption that most girls their age will be the same, so you’ll find that there is an of emphasis on ideas for bedrooms in my edit.

As they have got older, I have realised that their wardrobes have shrunk, because they seem to wear the same pieces repeatedly. A couple of pairs of shoes (Vans or Adidas) that go with everything, a nice jacket or coat (Liv has the aviator from New Look and a parka) hoodies and leggings or jeans. I love the new Zadig and Voltaire junior range if you are looking to invest in good quality. Gramps gave Milla the ‘LOVE’ sweatshirt for her birthday and she wears it all the time. At the other end of the spend scale, Liv has asked for tops from Shein. Not a website I have bought from before, but it seems really cheap so who am I to argue?! After a little browse this morning for this post, their designs seem perfect for t(w)eens and some of the prices seem too good to be true, so I have just placed my first order. I have no idea about sizing or quality or ease of returns, but I’ll keep you posted. *Update, I have just read that returns are at your own cost and the site operates out of China, so I am a little dubious and think that the best way to get sizing right is to take measurements of clothes they already own? I have measured a top that Liv owns and the measurements for Small and Extra Small seem to match. But if you are reading and have experience of Shein please can you let me know in the comments below?*

As soon as children start to travel to school alone, a mobile phone is essential. Liv has a really useful little gadget for her phone called a Popsocket, which sticks on to the back of the phone and can expand to form a grip which allows your hand to relax when you are holding it. It’s so good that I am thinking of getting one myself. I have included one here from Etsy, but I think Amazon sell them too. Search ‘PopSocket’. If you have a child of mobile phone age, then phone covers, portable chargers and bluetooth headphones all make excellent presents. They also need a really sturdy backpack for school. Fjallraven Kanken is a very popular brand, and they are made to last, but I was relieved when Liv said she didn’t want something that everyone else had. Hers probably won’t last but I don’t mind replacing it when it falls apart as it was a quarter of the price!

For stocking fillers the Zoella Lifestyle and Beauty range at Boots is a winner. And in my experience, if it lights up, it’s a hit. Fairy lights and light up signs and a TON of batteries. And cushions. Sparkly, fluffy cushions. 🙂

Hopefully this list below will give anyone with a daughter  of a similar age a few ideas. I’m afraid my experience only lends itself to tween girls and little boys!

Happy Xmas Shopping!


Chloe x

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10 responses to “Gift Ideas for Tween Girls”

  1. Kerry says:

    You are a total inspiration Chloe!! I have so many presents to buy for at this age group (my kids are younger)… always feel abit clueless! You have just nailed it. Thanks so much xxxxx

  2. Zoe says:

    Ooh these are fab ideas! I have 3 daughters, 14 and 11 year old twins and they’d pretty much love everything you’ve recommended! Thank you xxx

  3. Carly says:

    Wonderful blog thank you Chloe I was keeping my eyes peeled for this one I need inspiration all out of ideas this year! So thank you for getting up early to post it! Never heard of shein before so i be interested to see what there stuff is like as you say very reasonable! X

    • says:

      Hmm, I’ve just updated the post as I am a little unsure after reading up a bit more about Shein. It seems sizing is all over the place and returns costly. Im hoping a reader will be able to comment on their experience… x

  4. Beaty says:

    These are great ideas thanks Chloe, on the shein website I couldn’t find a kids section – did you order small adult stuff? X

    • says:

      Liv tells me that her friends wear Shein so I thought XS must fit? But I’m going to measure her tips as I’m not sure and some reviews say sizing all over the shop!! 😬

    • says:

      I have just measured a hoodie that Liv owns and the measurements for the Small are pretty similar (a centimeter or two difference across shoulders etc) So I think a small would fit a 12 year old…The designs seem more suited to teens than adults and her friends have clothes from Shein so I am hoping that they fit!

  5. Jo says:

    A really useful post and I’m really interested in the Shein feedback as I keep seeing the website. Great prices for growing girls! x

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