The shoes of my dreams

There is a pair of shoes that I can’t stop thinking about. In fact, they are starting to feature in my dreams, and that doesn’t happen very often! Usually I think I would really like (okay, need!) something, then a few days and a reality check later and I have moved on to something else. But these are different, because I can imagine myself wearing them when I am 70, and I think that means that they are an investment purchase worth making. My husband was uber generous with a very spoiling weekend for us and our friends in Ibiza to celebrate my 40th, so I am not expecting any more presents on the big day. Besides he’s already given me the best present I could have asked for. A weekend full of incredible memories that will last me a lifetime. BUT, I have been thinking that it might be appropriate to do a little self-gifting as it’s a ‘big’ birthday? I have always marked my ‘investment buys’ with big occasions. My 30th birthday, having my children, important anniversaries, my first pay-check after going back to work. Almost always handbags, and I could tell you the story about each of them. So I think I need to ‘mark’ my big day by buying myself something that I will love and treasure forever. I can tell you’re all nodding in agreement. 😉

I have a couple of plans to help me reach the target, for they ARE eye-wateringly expensive for a pair of shoes… I have already sent half of my wardrobe to WearnotWantNot to sell for me. It’s a new season anyway, so we should be thinking ‘Out with the old, in with the new!’ I have also phoned Heathrow Chanel to see if they stock them as my husband has a work trip coming up. It’s a bit risky because the chances are they won’t have stock when he flies, but its a £110 saving and every little helps.

The shoes I am dreaming about…



There are however, some really good high street alternatives out there, so I wanted to share them with you.

Office – £65


I love these, they are so elegant, and so similar to the Chanel ones above for a weeny fraction of the price!

Topshop- Now £20

These are such a bargain at £20 – but don’t delay I think they will sell out quickly. The nude version already has. I am tempted to get these in the meantime as a test of how much they will go with and how much I will wear them, while I wait for the real deal.

I ummed and ahhed about buying a pair of Gucci loafers last year. I absolutely loved them on others, but when I put them on they didn’t feel very ‘me’. The same feeling I get when I put on a pair of studded biker boots. I have thought long and hard about this, and I think it’s because I am petite and they just don’t seem to work with my frame. So I am starting to adopt a more feminine style with my footwear, and think that the answer to my loafer problem is to go for a pointed mule instead. Something like these…

Office Pointed Mules – Now £35


Anyway, I think you’ll agree that the Chanel Slingbacks are very ‘me’. (Feel free to give me tons of encouragement, by the way!) Anyway, here’s the look I will be going for…


Shop The Look

This week’s Purchase

While we are here, there is another item I want to share with you that I tried on this week. After putting it on my stories, I stupidly replaced it on the rail and then couldn’t stop thinking about it once I got home. So I  ended up ordering it on saturday morning. I loved the length, the shape, the gold buttons. It’s the sort of coat that makes you feel really French and grown up when you put it on.

Mango Coat – £119.99
Well that’s all for today, I’d better start tackling the long list of things to do after a restful Sunday yesterday.
Thanks for reading,
Chloe x

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  1. Danish Pastry says:

    You’ll get tons of encouragement from me, they are beautiful shoes! Go for it!
    I’d spotted the low heel version a while ago, love the styling, as yet I haven’t seen then in a navy colourway, which is good as I won’t have to sell a kidney to buy them!

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