The Orchid Genius 9000 Toothbrush

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Sanderson Hotel to celebrate the launch of the new Oral B Orchid Genius toothbrush. There were several inspirational health care professionals speaking at the event, and it really got me thinking about the importance of our teeth and how we should approach the care of our teeth as part of our overall wellness.

My Teeth

My teeth have always been fairly important to me. I spent many years as a young girl feeling embarrassed about my wonky teeth, so at the age of 17 I asked my parents if I could get braces fitted. I wore them for two years, but over the years they moved right back to where they started and about five years ago I decided to correct them once again with the Inman Aligner. You can read more about this treatment here but essentially it’s a removable brace that you wear for 16-20 hours a day and my teeth took 16 weeks to correct. I now have a permanent fixed bar on the inside of my top and bottom teeth to stop them from moving.

My dentist warned me that I might have trouble speaking with the appliance in. Some people have no trouble at all, some get used to it after a couple of weeks and some never learn to speak properly with it in.  Well I was one of those, and I have to admit it was quite embarrassing at work, so if I had an important meeting or party to go to, I would simply remove it and try and catch up the hours later. You remove it to eat, so you get fairly used to taking it in and out and have to be quite self-disciplined about wearing it for the recommended time each day. I was desperate to get them fixed as quickly as possible, so I made sure I clocked about 18 hours each day. The brace itself is fairly prominent so your top lip is pushed right out. There was a very amusing moment when one of my best friends rang me to tell me that the mums at school were talking about my ‘new lips’. They thought I had had lip fillers! I made sure I removed my brace at drop-off the next morning!

Once my teeth were straightened, I had them whitened. My dentist made the tray moulds  and then I used their recommended product to whiten at home. (I think it was Polanight at the time.) I found the tooth whitening process REALLY painful as I have fairly sensitive teeth. I can remember sitting in a meeting at work and jumping from a sudden searing pain in my front two teeth. Not at all pleasant, but you are in control of how much you do, so I simply stopped when the pain became too much to bear.

My new Toothbrush

Trying out the new toothbrush at the event

I was lucky enough to be given the new Oral B toothbrush at the event and have been using it since. I have always used an electric toothbrush, but the difference between my old one and the new one is quite something. There is no comparison in terms of power and when you first start using it, it feels as though you are sitting in the Oral Hygienists chair.  I feel confident in saying that my teeth have never felt cleaner after brushing. I do try to stick to the 2 minute guide on the toothbrush. Some days these two minutes feel more like twenty, but when I am tempted to switch off because I am in a rush, I remember the talk that day and feel motivated to stick with it. They spoke a lot about building toothcare into your pampering routine and how we shouldn’t be seeing cleaning our teeth as a chore, but rather as part of our overall wellness and relaxation. And it’s true that we spend so much money on ourselves. Whether it’s a trip to the hairdressers, a new pair of boots, a new face-cream or a hair styling tool.  Yet (and I am the first to hold my hand up here) when considering spending around £260 on a toothbrush, my first thought was absolutely no way! Surely you’d have to be a celebrity to spend that much on a toothbrush? Was it gold?! But the more I thought about it, the more I started to think that investing in a great toothbrush was actually quite a sensible thing to do. Our teeth have to last us an entire lifetime and we all know how expensive it can be when things start to go wrong. Not to mention the pain, is there anything worse than tooth pain?! (Mums out there, don’t answer that!)

The day I came back from the event I checked the price of this toothbrush and if my memory serves me correctly, it was £280. It is exclusive to Boots, and I have just gone to check the price and it’s £139.99, which must be a special offer. Having used it for the last month, I really do think that it is worth it’s current price tag. £280 felt a bit steep, but I was actually considering buying it for my husband for Christmas at that price. I know it’s not the sexiest of Christmas presents but I know he would absolutely love it, he’s a bit like me when it comes to cleaning his teeth and attending his regular dental checkups! So I have just ticked one present off the Christmas list. *polishes halo*

Oral B Genius 9000 – £139.99 from Boots


I should mention that this post is not sponsored in any way and I have not been asked to write it. As I mentioned before I was gifted the toothbrush, so I wanted to give you an honest review of it. Then I spotted that it had come down massively in price, (plus you also collect 556 Advantage card points when you buy it) so I felt it was a good time to pop it on the blog.

I have also started using their new toothpaste, which is supposed to help with Gum and Enamel repair. I have had several white fillings in the past in places where I have worn down my teeth from overbrushing, so I thought this was a good solution.

Oral B Gum and Enamel Repair Toothpaste – £5 

Remember, your smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, let’s look after it…





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  1. Hellen Madden says:

    Thanks great review and I needed a new toothbrush so I’ve ordered! Also if you use code VCUKOCT100 you get another 10% off so I got it for £126.00! 🙌🏻

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