Grab a bowl of Bircher…

Many of you have asked me to put our Bircher Muesli recipe on the blog, and after weeks of saying I would, I have finally got my act together. I should start by saying this isn’t the traditional bircher recipe, which includes grated apple and soaks the oats in water, not milk, but it is a recipe that is quick, really easy (even I could manage this one!) and we think rather delicious. I have tried many variations of bircher and some taste a little too healthy for my liking. I’m a firm believer that something has to taste good for it to have longevity in my diet, and we have been eating this bircher every week day for about a year. (It’s pancakes on saturday and eggs and bacon on sunday in the SS household)

The school mornings can be fairly hectic, and the minutes seem to whizz by like seconds, so having a big bowl of Bircher in the fridge is a real time saver and means that we both leave the house having had a good breakfast. I say ‘both’ because the children won’t eat it. Which is a bit of a shame, but it does mean that one medium sized tupperware lasts us the full week.


Step 1

Half fill the tupperware with oats.


Porridge Oats


Step 2

Cover the oats with milk

We use bog standard semi-skimmed milk, but if you wanted to be healthier you could use water with a bit of apple juice or almond milk. Make sure you use enough to cover the oats.

Give it a good stir.


Step 2 – Add Yoghurt


Add yoghurt

We add a whole tub of yoghurt with honey. This makes it really creamy and delicious, but if you wanted to be healthier you could skip this step altogether.

Step 3 – Add the Nuts/Seeds

Once again, completely optional, but SO delicious. I don’t take vitamins so I like to think I am getting my daily dose of something good with these.


Give it a good stir


Step 4 – Pop the lid on and leave in the fridge for 24 hours

We tend to make it on Sunday afternoon and then it is ready to eat Monday morning. If you choose not to add the nuts then adding grated apple gives it a lovely natural sweetness, but in my experience grating apple is a real faff and means it doesn’t last quite as long. In the past we have added blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, all lovely but adding fresh fruit means that it lasts around 3 days instead of 5.  If you wanted to add fresh fruit you could always sprinkle just before you tuck in.

Someone asked me the other day if you can eat it warm. I haven’t tried this, because I like it cold, but I don’t see why you couldn’t pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds to take the chill off. Just be careful not to cook the oats.






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  1. Radhia says:

    Do you feel it becomes really soggy and kind of a mush after day 2? But I added fruits to that one so maybe that’s why?

    • says:

      Yes that’s why we stick to dried stuff and nuts – I add raspberries sometimes before I eat it… xx

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