My Holiday Washbag

I have really enjoyed stripping back on the skin and make-up routines this holiday. I wish I could say that this little lot was all I brought with me, but I always overpack and as usual only ended up using half of what I brought with me. What you see here is the half that I have used.

Starting with the most important products for a holiday in the sun, Suncream, Hair Protection and Aftersun lotion.


From Left to Right – Clarins AfterSun Moisturiser / La Roche Posay Posthelios / Vichy Ideal Soleil Factor 50 / Philip Kingsley Swimcap / La Roche Posay Factor 50 for Face / Piz Buin 1 day Long 30 

I brought much more suncream than this, but I realised half way through the holiday that I don’t like using oil sprays as much as I do creams. I think it’s about the ease of application (the oil seems to go everywhere) and the feel. Suncreams feel like they sink in better and you can be sure of where you are applying the product. At the beginning of the holiday I thought I had overdone it on the factorage and that SPF 50 was too high for any kind of suntan to develop, but then I soon remembered how strong the Greek sun is. As a result, I haven’t burnt once, and have developed a good colour over the 2 weeks we have been here. I think there’s a lot to be said for achieving a slow tan. I was also really impressed with this suncream from M&S. (not in the photo above because I had finished and thrown the bottle away!) I loved the scent of it and the consistency. I think the rest of the family did too, as it was the first bottle we finished.


Sun Smart – Factor £30 now £5.95

My hero hair product has to be Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap. The chlorine in the pool and the salt in the sea make detangling three heads of long hair an impossible task, but if we remembered to use this at the beginning of each day, (on wet hair) it made such a difference. I also use it to protect my colour after a disastrous holiday a few years ago when I came back with khaki hair!

When it comes to aftersun, we have two favourites. La Roche Posay and Clarins. Both have that distinct holiday scent for me, as we have used them for so many years. If I continue using them back in London, the scent takes me back and it’s a lovely way to prolong those holiday memories.


From Left to Right – Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask / Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow / Eyeko Lash Alert / Mythic Oil / The Ordinary Hylaronic Acid / Vita Liberata Trystals / Eve Lom Cleanser

Those that have been reading my blog for a while will know that I never put my face in the sun. I wear a hat and factor 50 at all times and as a result, my face, neck and chest end up a very different colour to the rest of me. So I always take an overnight bronzer with me on holiday. My current favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask because it is really hydrating and most important of all, it doesn’t give me spots. (Many of them do) The other Charlotte Tilbury product that I have been using is the Healthy Glow, which is like a tinted moisturiser. I have only used this when we have gone out to eat at night and I felt like I needed a little more coverage, because generally putting on any kind of liquid or cream foundation seems a waste of time in the heat. My desert island make-up product would have to be mascara, because I look dead or at best, half asleep without it. My current favourite is the Eyeko Lash Alert. Personally I would swerve the waterproof version, even on holiday. I received a sample in one of the beauty boxes and its virtually impossible to get off.

After washing my hair, I always use a little mythic oil to put back the moisture, especially after a day in the sun. I find my hair really takes a battering on holiday, but it does have a break from hairdryers and my GHD tongs, so hopefully that evens things out.

My evening Face

Straw Clutch Baal and Tanit / Blue tassel earrings Zara/ Eyeko Mascara / Red earrings Alice’s Wonders / Black earrings H&M/ Kukui Body Oil Connock London / Lipstick Charlotte Tilbury Secret Salma / Vita Liberata Trystals

The product that I really can’t get enough of lately, is the Vita Liberata Trystals powder which I have just started using. The colour is beautiful,  and so is the kabuki brush that comes with it. I have been so impressed with this powder and it has completely replaced my foundation in terms of coverage. The only thing I would say is that I don’t think it tans you. Yes, the colour develops while it’s on, but it washes off at the end of the day. I thought it would be tanning you the way a facial tanner does, but it’s a temporary tan. (Which is probably a good thing, because my application can always do with a little improvement.)

When it comes to a cleanser, I think it’s important to use a good cream cleanser to make sure you get rid of all the suncream that you pile on, when you’re on holiday. The only travel size cleanser I had was Eve Lom, so not my usual cleaner, but I have been reminded of what a fantastic cleanser it is. I also brought my little bottle of The Ordinary HA, because it was the right size and I am completely addicted to it. In fact it will be the first purchase I make when I get back to London because I have just finished it.

Usually I get the odd spot on holiday, from all the suncream and perspiration, but this time the only spots I have had are from the flaming mosquitos. (I have been eaten alive despite being very good with repellent) I have one big and very itchy one on my eyelid and a couple on my cheeks. Fortunately if you leave them alone they disappear quite quickly.

So there you have my holiday washbag! Hopefully if you still have an upcoming holiday to look forward to, it might be of interest.


Chloe x


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9 responses to “My Holiday Washbag”

  1. Sam wright says:

    I’m new to your blog and enjoying it!
    Try Avons skin so soft to keep her mosquitoes at bay. I used to suffer dreadfully but since finding this product have no problems at all.

  2. Danish Pastry says:

    Did the piz buin really last all day? I use P20 as it really does last all day (and I’m useless at reapplying), but I’m not keen on the smell!

  3. Jose says:

    Hey Chloe
    Great post as always and loved the missing dog feed heartbreak turned into heartfelt joy..
    Can I ask the vita colour you are using tempted to purchase but was concerned on colour thing sun kissed is the choice?
    Thank Jose x

  4. Hayley says:

    Garlic tablets and b12 tablets! Start taking a week before your holiday and throughout. You will not get bitten! My husband used to get bitten sooooooo bad – all over his bald head(!) and someone told him about this and it works! It changes your skin chemistry so they’re not interested in biting. And you can get odour free garlic tabs too! Life changing for those who really struggle with bites.

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