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One of the questions that I am asked the most, is where I get my hair done. I thought I would pop the details in a blog post, so that the information is readily available for anyone that needs it.

I have been visiting Sally Northwood at George Northwood for years for my colour. I always leave happy and she really knows what she’s doing. I wrote about my colour journey with Sally here. I have always split my colour and cuts, mainly due to cost, but also due to time constraints. Having them done separately really helps with the dent in the bank balance and I always feel that the need for a cut and colour occur at different times. In the past few years I have been getting my hair cut at Tailored By No 5 who has a lovely salon in the East end and I can’t recommend enough. However, living in West London meant that it was a bit of trek to get there (1.5 hours each way) so I was keen to find a salon that was a little more local to me. So when I was invited to try Josh Wood Atelier in Holland Park, I jumped at the chance because it’s so close to where I live. I am always a little nervous to try a new hairdresser, but I really didn’t need to be. Within 5 minutes of talking to Kat, I knew I was in good hands. It’s a gorgeous salon, in a mews house in Holland Park. From the outside it feels like you are entering an exclusive club, but once you are inside, it has a really lovely down to earth and relaxed atmosphere, where ‘exclusive’ feels ‘inclusive’. I will definitely be heading back because I am so pleased with the result.

And as I am here, talking about hair, it feels a good time to give you a little run down on the hair products that I use. I have tried and tested a LOT of hair products over the  years, but these are the products I always come back to. (Click the images to shop)

Hair Products

There is a reason that this is an iconic beauty product. It really works. *Top tip – On the night before a hair wash day, wet the ends at night, then coat with elasticizer, dry off a bit and braid. Sleep in the mask and shampoo off in the morning. Result, amazingly soft hair.*

I love this product for adding texture once it’s dry. It smells heavenly and even though it’s a bit pricier it lasts ages. It’s also a great alternative to dry shampoo.

I swear by hair oil, and this for me is the best out there, but it’s at the higher end of the budget. I just rub a few drops in the palm of my hands and then comb through the length with my fingers.

At the other end of the budget, my favourite is Mythic Oil.

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I like to change every time I finish a big bottle. I’m not sure if there is any truth in what they say about changing your hair products, but I tend to get bored, so I do! I tend to buy the bigger bottles as they are much better value. I am using Pureology at the moment.

See the Pureology full range here. I always buy mine from Lookfantastic as their prices seem to beat everywhere else.


The hairdryer I use is from Lanaiblo and the tongs I use are the GHD soft curl tong.

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As, always, thanks for reading.


Chloe x

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  1. Danish Pastry says:

    I love using hair oil, my hair may be shorter than yours (shoulder length at the moment), but I swear I haven’t had split ends since I started using it. I do like morrocan oil (love the smell of this one), but I have used cheaper brands too, and I really can’t tell the difference.
    I’d agree about changing brands, I may not change every time I finish a bottle, but definately on a regular basis. I’ve been embracing the grey in my hair for a while now, and use purple products to counter any yellowness. People keep asking me if my grey has been done by the hairdress, as the streaks are so well placed and their colour suits me better than I could have hoped!

    • says:

      I agree, I think the cheaper ones work just as well its just the scent I fall in love with with the more expensive versions!

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