Bargain of the day!

I was just ordering a new pair of breakfast bar stools (you know when you’ve lived with something that’s been broken for far too long and it suddenly dawns on you that you could try and replace?!) and I stumbled across this dress. You may well ask ‘how did she get from bar stools to a black dress?’ but I just did, okay?! 🙂

Anyway I thought it was such a bargain I had to share it!


Was £59 now £17.70 

It’s a linen cotton mix and I thought it was a such a classic shape that would be just as perfect for the office as the school run or summer holiday.

And in case you are interested, these are the bar stools I have ordered. Also a total bargain and they’ll wipe clean. While the children are still young and mucky pups, I am not willing to spend a fortune on things like this. £40 a stool will do very nicely thanks!


Bar stool – was £75 now £40.50

Short and straight to the point today!


Chloe x

8 thoughts on “Bargain of the day!

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  1. The dress you’re wearing is not the same as the dress you feature from Debenhams. The neckline and cut is v different, maybe there’s a problem with the link.

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    1. Sorry I thought you were referring to the red dress from yesterday. My mistake’ 😳 The black dress on the feature pic for the blog is an old dress (not current) was just trying to show the versatility of a black dress. I don’t own the Debenhams one, was merely alerting to a good buy!


  2. Definitely a different dress, the shop picture of the dress is different too. I really like the one you feature though Chloe, as it still Debenhams and if so, what make ?


    1. I’m so confused!! Ok so the red dress I’m wearing in the garden is from Mango and it’s sold out at Mango so ive linked it at Debenhams who stock it. The alternative dress is a different red dress from Mango too. There are two links beneath the photo x


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