White Culottes -I think I have found them!

If you read my recent post about ‘Tackling white trousers’ you will know that I had almost given up on the idea altogether. I couldn’t find any that were the right length and almost every pair I tried on was see-through. So when I was flicking through the Boden catalogue which dropped through the door yesterday, I was very excited to spot these Nancy Culottes which come in Regular, Petite and Tall. When you’re 5’4, brands that cater for ‘Petite’ are the answer if you don’t want to have to alter the length.

They are fully lined and according to the review, they don’t crease. They ARE polyester, but I have realised that there is ‘good’ polyester and ‘bad’ (cheap) polyester. On a recent trip to Maje, I fell in love with a few beautiful dresses and was fairly surprised to see that they were polyester with a price tag over £200. So, while I am not normally a fan of wearing synthetic fibres, I am going to order these culottes, because I don’t think these would work with a cotton fabric and I can’t afford silk crepe. They are also currently 30% off.

White Culottes

Nancy Culottes – now £56

I will let you know what they’re like when they arrive. Here’s hoping…


Chloe x

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