20 Things about Me.

I was asked to share 20 facts about me on instagram. Now this may sound hard to believe since I share so much on stories, but I am full of self-doubt and find this sort of thing really hard to write. I worry what people will think far too much and overanalyse every single instagram post and bit of text I write. I was too nervous to post this on instagram so I decided to publish it here instead. So here goes…

1. I was born a ‘Power’ (Chloe Amanda) in England but we moved to South Africa when I was one and I only returned to the UK when I finished University. My mum is English and the UK has always felt like my home.

2. When I was younger I was ballet obsessed but just like my daughter Milla (who is exceptionally talented, far more than I was) I made a decision very early on that I didn’t want to make it my career.

3. I studied English and Psychology at the University of Cape Town. I didn’t further my Psychology studies because it meant moving to a different town and leaving my boyfriend of 7 years who I’d been with since I was 15. As it turned out, I left him for my husband a few months later, but I don’t believe in regrets.

4. We travelled to the UK together and after a week of being in the country I was offered a permanent role at a big TV production company working in the Human Resources Department which I grabbed with both hands. I had a dance with a very handsome man at the office Xmas party, fell in love and the rest is history. We’ve been together for seventeen years and married for twelve.

5. I always wanted to work in fashion but fell into TV. I loved my job and was very happy for the 17 years I stayed with the company. At the age of 38 I decided it was time to try my hand at something fashion related before it was too late. So I started documenting my daily outfits on Instagram and writing a blog. At first I think some friends thought it was a vanity project, some of them probably still do. But I couldn’t be happier and finally feel like I am doing something I love passionately.

6. It was my dream to have two daughters. Once I had them, I realised that my life wouldn’t be complete without a son, so we decided to try for another baby when the girls were 5 and 7. I thank my lucky stars daily that having children was so easy for me and that I was blessed with both daughters and a son.

7. I have always loved babies and children. I was a part time nanny during my University years and couldn’t wait to have my own children. I had my first, Olivia at 28.

8. Life is full of coincidences. My mum lived next door to Cat Stevens in her 20s and my father-in-law produced his music. ‘The Boy with the Moon and the Stars on his head’ is my husband. Cat Stevens painted a picture when my husband was born and it became the album cover for Tea for the Tillerman. It hangs in our hallway.

9. I love to sing. In fact, we are a singing household. If we ever go on holiday with friends I think they are surprised to find themselves on holiday with the Von Trapps!

10. I am a stickler for good grammar and punctuation and when I see people misspell  the word ‘loser’ (looser!) I come out in hives. (Not really 😉 ) The other day I misspelt ‘vein’ on a blog post and was absolutely mortified when a lovely friend/follower alerted me to it. In fact, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. 😂  I’m quite good at Scrabble, but not as good as my mum.

11. My mum is my best friend. I tell her everything. She’s also the kindest person I know. She lives with us for 4-6 months at a time and when she goes back to South Africa I find it very hard. She was in the room when all three of my babies were born.

12. I believe that ‘manners maketh man’ and I’m very proud to say that my children have excellent manners. All three of my children would tell you that I’m strict, but I like to think that ‘firm but fair’ would be a better way of describing me.

13. I love making people feel good about themselves and try to pay a stranger a compliment every day.  (It’s usually about something they are wearing!) I have toyed with the idea of taking a course in personal styling, but at the moment life is a little too busy to find the time.

14. When I was 22 I stumbled across a film premiere in Leicester Square. I walked up to see what was going on and Tom Cruise walked over to me and shook my hand. I was a massive fan at the time. (I’m not anymore and think he’s a total weirdo)

15. I hate any form of discrimination – one of the main reasons that I couldn’t live in South Africa.

16. My parents divorced when I was 9. When I married my husband I married for life and would fight tooth and nail to protect my marriage.

17. I turn 40 in October. I think I’m okay with it, but will probably cry on the actual day. 😉

18. I am quite good at massage and have trained both of my girls to massage. Let’s just say they earn their pocket money!

19. I have a deep fear of public speaking. I know this is something I need to overcome but if I am ever asked to speak in front of people I always find an excuse.

20. I once tried my hand at waitressing. The first meal I served was a burger and chips and as I put the plate down the entire meal slid off the plate and landed in the lady’s lap. I resigned and decided I was better at looking after children.

Eek. Hopefully that wasn’t too boring. I am now feeling fairly anxious about any typos I might have made. If you spot any, please let me know. 😉

Thanks for reading.


Chloe x

25 thoughts on “20 Things about Me.

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  1. I noticed the vein/vain thing but would never alert someone! I’m terrible for correcting people and think it can make me look smug so try not to do it. There are lots of Powers in Ireland, is it an Irish name 🤔 ? You’re/your and their/there/they’re drive me mad as people get them wrong all the time! I think that was a really good 20 things Chloe!

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  2. Oh and I was the same, really wanted girls, no.2 was a boy and I nearly died of shock! back to girls then so same as you just differently arranged. Often wish my girls were closer in age but they are firm friends at 2 and 7 so long may it continue!


  3. Didn’t realise you grew up in SA. I am a personal stylist, lived in London for 12 years and have just moved back to SA 😉 miss London terribly but wonderful to back and close to family again. Also don’t mind the weather too much this side 😉


  4. These are lovely facts.
    They are my favourite kinds of post. I’ve always been an over-sharer … mum says I tell people far too much but I kinda like being an open book. As my best friend also says I couldn’t hold my own water! Hahaha …
    I get the vanity thing … I get comments like you ‘must be full of yourself’ etc etc when anybody that really knows me knows I’m very self conscious. Hate my teeth, my skin … I’ll not go on! I love how you met your husband , such a nice story. Tracey xx


  5. You shouldn’t worry about what you write, or what you share in stories. I love your posts, they show that your life is so much more than fashion.
    As for being firm but fair, I’m sure your children will thank you for it when they’re adults. It’s the same with manners, give them good manners and you can take them anywhere and know you’ll be proud of them. Good manners help in those awkward social situations when you wouldn’t otherwise know what to do or say. I did wonder about SA, as you don’t have an accent, maybe due to your parents being British (I have more or my parents regional accent, although I was brought up in a different part of the country).
    I love the serendipity of how you met your husband, and I totally agree with marriage being for life. Although I’m not religious my husband and I got married in church, as a registrar office didn’t feel serious enough. As we also wanted a quiet wedding, we had two witnesses, the vicar and a choir, and that was it. Christmas hymns, and snow completed the day, as we married in December, on the shortest day of the year. My husband chose the day, as from then on things are lighter and brighter (and who says he’s not romantic).
    Take it from one who knows, 40 is just a number, you’ll feel the same the day after as you did the day before! And anyway, do you really want to go back to being in your twenties?
    Oops, I didn’t mean to ramble on quite so much. Just know, we love what you’re doing…


  6. I enjoy all your blog posts, instagrams and stories…in the past year have really counted on them for some fashion inspiration, so I’m pleased to hear it’s a passion and we’ll done for going for it. On another note, my biggest pet peeve is when people write ‘should of’ instead of ‘should have’…never brave enough to correct anyone 😨but certainly makes my skin crawl.😂 keep up the good work!x


  7. Ha ha I did the same when I was a waitress for the first time except t was prawn cocktail and I burst out laughing. The woman went mad, I carried on though ! X

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I feel like I should precise that English is not my first language, so please do tell if I make some horribles mistakes🙈 I really enjoy your blog and IG account! I think you would make an amazing stylist/personal shopper, you know the trends without getting into the ridiculous and came accros very warm, I think you would be very successful ! (Now I am extremely self conscious that I don’t make sense!)

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  9. I love your instagram, you’re my fave! I also have 3 children and had my first at 28 but you look a darn sight better than me 😃, maybe it’s because I have 2 boys and have spent a lot of time on the side of a football pitch 🤣⚽️ Being 40 is fab (except when you have to tick the 40-55 age bracket!) x


  10. I’m a bit late getting to this but wanted to say that it’s a lovely read 🙂 You seem to have settled into a dream career and you’re great at it… I’m pretty envious, I have to say! I think I’m with you on no. 6. My two girls have a similar age gap and, though I would love to try for a son, I don’t think I’ll be ready to start thinking about it for a while. A 5 year gap between pregnancies sounds appealing! x

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    1. Thank you darling. You are very good at it too. Love your feed. You are still soooo young (well you look it anyway) wait – it’s soooooo lovely when you’re not knackered. (Not that it’s not lovely when you are, but it’s just easier, I guess) x

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