Wardrobe Detoxing

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Do you ever look in your wardrobe in the morning and feel overwhelmed by the volume? Do you look at your piles of clothes and shoes and still think, I have nothing to wear? Do you feel guilty when you see items with tags still on, or ‘investment purchases’ you simply haven’t worn enough because something about the way they hang or fit just isn’t quite right? You’re not alone! A couple of months ago, I decided that it was time to get ruthless with my wardrobe. I have had clear-outs in the past, where I sorted out bags for the charity shop, piles for eBay and bags for ‘store-in-the-loft, because I may want that again oneday‘, but the bags would sit and stare at me, taking up valuable floor space and making me feel even more guilty than I did before the sort out.  Uploading items to eBay needed time I didn’t have, trips to the charity shop weren’t as convenient as they should be and the bags would sit in the boot of the car for weeks. And as for the loft pile, well the truth is that it’s very unlikely that those items you store for ‘maybe one day’ will ever be worn again.

So this time,  I decided to send my boxes of clothes and shoes that I didn’t wear enough to  lovely Katie at Wear Not, Want Not, who I discovered through our wonderful world of instagram. Katie sent a courier to collect the things I wanted to sell, leaving me with a ‘pile free’ house, a thinner wardrobe and a clear mind, and I can’t tell you how good it felt when it was all gone. Once Katie receives the goods, she sends you an email with an inventory of items and then starts work at selling them via her various channels. (Ebay, Instagram, Contacts, Pop Ups, House sales etc) She does her research and knows what to price the items at, and doesn’t just take designer goods. Once Katie has made a few sales, and knows that her buyer is happy with the items, she makes a payment to you via PayPal or bank transfer. I have been saving that money, and my plan is to make an ‘investment purchase’ of something I really, really love when I have enough. (I am not sure what that is yet, it was a pair of Gucci loafers, but I seem to have moved on!) I did part with a couple of items that I wasn’t 100% sure about, like my Isabel Marant Bart trainers and a Louis Vuitton t-shirt, but once Katie had sold them, I realised that that money would make a significant dent in the cost of something that I would cherish far more.

The feeling must be slightly addictive, because I have just done a second wardrobe cull and my rail is even lighter. It has meant that it’s so much easier to get dressed in the morning, with narrowed down choices, you reach a decision on what to wear so much quicker. I also don’t have those guilty feelings when I look at my clothes because I am wearing *almost* all of the clothes I have left. It’s a bit like being on holiday, when you only take along the clothes you really love. Getting dressed on holiday is so easy and that’s because you don’t have a lot of choice.

So, with the seasonal wardrobe changeover upon us, this could be a perfect time to reassess your wardrobe and storage and think about turning your unworn clothes into cash to put towards an investment item or just a few new spring/summer purchases. There will be plenty of clothes that you will still send to charity, of course, but those high heels that you paid a fortune for and never wear could be the shoes of dreams for someone else.

Katie is offering my readers a free collection service if they are London based, or a reduction on delivery costs for those living outside the M25. Be sure to mention ‘Chloelovestoshop’ if you decide to use Katie’s service.

Katie’s details – @wearnot_wantnot on instagram


Here’s a little checklist to help you with your detox

  • have you worn the item in the past year?
  • does it fit your current personal style. I use ‘current’ because our style changes with lifestyle, age etc
  • do you like the feel of the fabric? 
  • does the item look good on you and do you feel confident when you wear it?
  • can you think of at least three other items in your wardrobe that you could wear it with?
  • does the item have any minor faults and if so, will you make the time to have it altered or fixed? 

Hopefully, armed with this checklist your wardrobe detox will be a little easier. My next job is to photograph all the shoes I own that I keep in their boxes. I have three shelves behind a low level open rail which I keep my shoes on. Because they are covered by the clothes on the rail and in boxes, I tend to forget all the shoes I own. So I am going to print a page with all my snapped shoes and stick it up on the wall above so that I make sure I wear all the shoes that made it through the cull.

Good luck and let me know how you get on!


Chloe x

3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Detoxing

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  1. I’m totally grateful for your wardrobe detox…I now own your Isabel Marant trainers 😬 from the fab Katie @wearnot_wantnot. Although I should be saving for my Chloe Susannas….not getting anywhere far….x

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  2. I so wish there was a Katie near me! I know I’ll never be good at selling stuff myself. We have had a few shops that sold second hand stuff on commission, but they’d closed down before I’d got around to sorting my clothes. I have now got two sacks of items to go to the local charity shop.
    At the moment I’m experimenting with the idea of a fixed budget which is a third less than what I spent last year. I may throw a fixed number of items as well, to try and focus my mind more on quality items.
    One thing that is helping me focus on what I have in my wardrobe is an app, it is a bit nerdy, but I know what I have, and it helps in detoxing my wardrobe, and I can see exactly how much I spend. (Unfortunately there is no cost per wear function though)


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