My M&S Edit

I was lucky enough to attend the M&S Spring / Summer preview recently, and there were so many gorgeous things that caught my eye. Some of these gems are already available to buy, and a few are coming soon, so I thought I would share the bits that I picked out.

Starting with these amazing sandals, which I think will sell like hot cakes when they arrive. I am keeping my eyes peeled, and will let you know as soon as they’re available, but if you beat me to it, please let me know!

Coming soon


I loved this blouse. It looks a much brighter blue on the website, but  my photo above is a more accurate reflection of the colour.

Frill blouse

Frill Blouse – £29.50

I loved the sleeve detail on this top. Classic with a nod to the embellished sleeve trend…


tie top

Tie Sleeve Top – £29.50


Embroidered Blouse.jpeg

Embroidered Blouse – £39.50

I didn’t get a snap of this dress, but I loved it. It’s the perfect summer throw on.

Broderie Shift Dress.jpeg

Broiderie Shift Dress- £55


stripe dress.jpeg

Stripe Dress – Autograph – £59

The vertical stripes on this dress are really flattering. I also love it’s simple design. The thicker shoulder strap means that you can wear a bra without peeping straps and it’s a great length for anyone that prefers to hide their knees. Blouse.jpeg

Gingham Blouse – £29.50

The sleeve detail on this gorgeous gingham blouse make it rather special and it has a lovely frill at the bottom for those who prefer to keep the tummy area covered.




Aztec Bag – £35
Coming soon 

I loved this, but it doesn’t seem to be online yet. However the black one I loved is…It looks far more expensive than it’s £35 price tag and immediately makes me think of wafting around the pool on a hot summer holiday.


Kaftan – £35

A beautiful statement top with a designer feel to it for under £40!


Bardot top (comes in navy too) – £39.50

If you work in an office, this is a really lovely dress which I would pair with a block heel sandal in the summer.

Star Print

Star Print Dress – £39.50 

If you live in trainers, but haven’t got the budget for the more expensive, designer brands, then these would be a fantastic buy.  Such a great price for leather and you cannot go wrong with leopard print.

leopard trainers.jpeg

Leopard Trainers – £49.50

If you are from the Isabel Marant school of dressing, then these studded sandals on the right are such a bargain.

Isabel Marant – £630  vs  M&S – £49.50

Home Department

A little peruse of the M&S Home section had me lusting after these gorgeous pieces…

FullSizeRender 25

  1. Pom Pom Throw 
  2. Ceiling Lamp Shade 
  3. Coffee Table
  4. Tokyo Pendant 
  5. Conran Ceiling Shade
  6. Chevron Rug

They also have some really gorgeous outdoor furniture, if you are in the mood for sprucing up the neglected, winter garden. *on my to do list*

Kids Department

These are a few of the bits that I have my eye on for the girls.

colour dress.jpeg

Girls Dress – £12

dress .jpeg

Embellished Dress – £14


Paradise t-shirt – £7

Cotton Dress.jpeg

Cotton Dress – £20

sequin bomber.jpeg

Sequin Bomber – £20

This bomber has a pink sequin flamingo on the back. Just gorgeous.  My choices are of course influenced by my own girls, who are 9 and 11, so I haven’t included options for younger children. (I daren’t look at baby clothes, it’ll make me broody!) To see the full range of baby clothes click here.

Well, that concludes my little edit.  It’s the start of the Easter holidays for us in the UK, so I am hopeful that the weekend will bring us some good weather. We are staying in London for the holiday, apart from a couple of nights in the country over the Easter weekend. As much as I love travelling, there’s a lot to be said for just hanging out at home in the holidays. There’s something very relaxing about switching off the alarm clock and waking up in your own bed every morning.  Not having to pack loads of bags or spend hours in the car or at the airport means that you start to unwind the minute the children finish school.

My plan is to take life at a slightly slower pace over the next two weeks and to try and focus my attention fully on whatever it is that I am doing. Recently I have started to feel that everything I do only has half of me. Whether that’s blogging, being a mum,  a wife, a friend or a daughter, everything and everyone seems to have snippets of my time. I know this is completely normal, and I am sure I am not alone in my thoughts, but when it plays on your mind and you start to feel disappointed in yourself, it’s time to focus, reassess and put the brakes on. I have also had a ‘below par’ few weeks health-wise, which is often the body’s way of saying ‘Whoa there, slow down!’ I have five blog posts that I started but never finished sitting in my drafts, a room with only half of the skirting boards painted, children that complain that I don’t listen to them or that I *still* haven’t ordered that pair of ballet tights they need, friends who are waiting for a phone call or a coffee and a to-do list that has become a bit of a joke.  You know how they always tell you to unplug an electrical device for a few minutes to get it working again? I feel like that’s what I need to do. Unplug myself for a bit, and hopefully I will be firing on all cylinders when I plug myself back in again.

Well, my M&S edit seems to have turned into an emotional offload! Sorry about that. But perhaps if anyone reading has been feeling the same, it’ll be nice to know you’re not alone, and I feel so much better for getting it off my chest. So thank you for listening!


Chloe x










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  1. Great blogpost. I think picks from a shop is so helpful for a lot of people and love to see the things you chose. Re the feeling overwhelmed, I get like that sometimes too. I’m also a mum of 3 and running my own styling business. But recently someone told me about seeing your stress as a ‘stress bucket’ and when this bucket starts to get a bit too full, that’s when we start to feel overwhelmed, I’ll, snappy etc. And that’s also when we need to do things to empty the bucket a bit. So whatever it is that makes you feel better, slowing down for a bit, a bath, exercise, me time etc should be made a priority until you feel the bucket is not quite so full. This me time has to be an ongoing priority to successfully manage the bucket lol. Anyway I thought would share as that visualisation has really helped me give permission to be kind to myself on a more frequent basis. If you google it you’ll see the diagram. Hope that helps. Big hugs, Fleur xx

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  2. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling 100%….is it this never ending cold ? I’ve had it since January and it’s starting to really annoy me too. One day you feel fine and the next you feel terrible again. Hope the rest and warmer weather will help heal you.
    Love your M&S pieces, I bought the gingham top a couple of weeks ago and the quality is amazing, I love it ! I feel I shall be ordering a couple more things as recommended above ….especially that bag !! Have a great weekend Chloe and enjoy the Easter break.
    Pia xx


  3. Lovely post Chloe. I often feel overwhelmed as a mum to 3 and working full-time. I describe the mind, similarly to Fleur, as a glass that fills naturally with everyday worries but then every now and then overflows with all the extra stresses and strains of life. I also suffer with anxiety which sometimes is all consuming. Mindfulness is great but I also write a list of all my tasks and tick them off when I’ve done them. I feel relief as the list reduces. Take care of yourself.


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