Spring Outerwear – My top 6


We are not far off ditching the faux fur coats and fur lined parkas in favour of less bulky coverups for the Spring. Someone asked me to do a post on Spring Outerwear the other day – I can’t remember who it was, so if you are reading, thank you! I love it when people give me ideas for blog posts.

I had a think about my go-to cover ups for the transitional months and these are the pieces that I think every wardrobe should have.

  1. The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are perfect to wear over dresses in the summer. These are a few of my favourites available on the high street. FullSizeRender 33.jpg

H&M – £39.99


Mango – £35.99


Madewell – £130

topshop denim .jpg

Topshop – £40

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2. The Trench 

The trench is a classic Spring coverup that never goes out of fashion. Here are my favourites available now..


Mango – *New In* – £119.99


H&M – Linen Trench – was £59.99 now £29.99


H&M Trench – £39.99

The Ultimate in Trench Coats…


Burberry – £1395 *Forever Buy*


M&S Navy Trench – £99


New Look – £34.99

Belted cotton coat.jpg

Belted Cotton Coat – &otherstories £145

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3. The Leather Biker 

This is one item I couldn’t live without. It works all year round, but particularly well in the transitional months. My favourite biker is from Zara a few years ago now and I think I paid £99 for it, so I don’t think you need to spend a fortune. But do buy real leather if you can. I have seen some beautiful jackets in Mango and Warehouse recently.



Warehouse – £185


Mango – £119.99


Mango – £139.99

(This actually looks much nicer on, not done up)


Mango – £139.99

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4. The Utility Jacket 

I wear my utility jacket all the time in Spring. It’s the perfect neutral to break up an all black outfit, or to wear with lighter colours. Again, you don’t need to spend a fortune.


H&M – £29.99

khaki shackat.jpg

Topshop – £55

Current Ellito.jpg

Current Elliott – £265


H&M Utility Jacket – £34.99


Utility Jacket – &otherstories – £79

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5. The Grey Jacket/Overcoat 

This is one item that seems to be missing from my wardrobe. I think I want something collarless, so that it looks less coat like and more like a jacket. My favourite is this one from Isabel Marant.

Isabel Marant.jpg

Isabel Marant – £395

However, how similar is this one from Mango ?!


Mango – £79.99

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6. The Blazer 

No wardrobe should be without a good blazer. I did actually venture out in my oversized tuxedo jacket today, with a cashmere blanket scarf, and it was OK. Not going to lie, I was a bit chilly at times, but if you are not going to be out for too long, you can just about get away with it. I was just in the mood to shed the big coat.

I love this one, which not only has the same name as my daughter, but is also on sale!


Milla Jacket Whistles – now £80

Shawl Collar Blazer.jpg

Shawl Collar Blazer – &otherstories – £79


Mango – £69.99

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So those are my top 6 staple pieces for spring/summer outerwear. All fairly timeless and classic. Have a think about which ones you are missing.

Happy Shopping.


Chloe x

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  1. Dranna says:

    I asked and you delivered. Thanks Chloe. Really needed an idea as to what to wear jacket-wise now that spring was on the way, and bombers, though they are cool, I wore 1st time around, so wanted something different and you gave me just that. Great post, thanks a lot!

  2. Gillian says:

    Great post, lots of lovely items but as a Mum with a buggy I really need a spring jacket with a hood. Done lots of research but can’t find what I’m looking for – practical & stylish. If you’re ever stuck for another blog idea 😉

  3. Gillian says:

    Probably waterproof. ❤️ this!

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