My dash to Bicester


I have been trying to get to Bicester Village for a couple of weeks now, as the Stella McCartney jumper (above) that I bought on my last trip in October had started to come away at the neck after 3 wears and one delicates wash. The lovely manager at Stella McCartney Bicester that I had emailed about it said that I could return the jumper and exchange it for something else. (I wasn’t the first person this had happened to with this particular jumper) So I decided on a whim last night, to squeeze in a very quick dash there today. I looked at tickets online (, and was so surprised to find that it’s £14 return if you book in advance (in my case the night before) The train departs from Marylebone, takes just under an hour and it drops you two minutes walk from the shopping.  It’s so much more relaxing than driving and you can buy some breakfast from M&S before you board the train. (Just avoid the strawberry chia seed pot)

I didn’t have long (1 hour) because I had booked a fixed return time (cheaper than an open return and I had to be back for pickup) so I didn’t waste time and headed straight to Stella McCartney. There wasn’t that much that caught my eye in the clothes section (apart from a stunning yellow jumper but they didn’t have my size) so I exchanged my jumper for two pairs of sunglasses (one for my mum, a present for lending me her phone and a million other things she has done for me recently) ,one lingerie set, a single bra and a body. (see pics below)  Their underwear was insanely reduced for some reason, and I had only been thinking this morning that I was letting my style standards down with the grey (white) ‘seen better days’ bra I put on first thing! All of that and they still owed me a pound. What a result!


I had absolutely no intention of spending any money, but had about 15 minutes to spare before my train departed, so I went straight to Chloe for a gander.  As soon as I walked in, I spotted the bag of my dreams. The black and leopard print Faye. And when the sales person tells you that they get very few of these bags in and that they arrive and disappear in under an hour, you start to think it’s meant to be. And just like that, my brain goes into overdrive, justification mode. I do a quick online search and can only find this style at Farfetch for £1575. It’s £795!!!  Then I remember the little tax rebate that’s come through from the year I resigned and overpaid on my tax. Of course that little rebate should be going straight towards the children’s school fees, but sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind, right?! Then I think about my week, and losing my beautiful cat and that kinda seals the deal. Every splurge handbag purchase I’ve ever made has a life event attached to it. Anniversaries, the end to my final maternity leave, my first ever work bonus and a big birthday. Call me sentimental, but I could tell you the story of all the designer bags I own. So, without overthinking it (yeah right!) I whipped out my credit card out and with three minutes to spare, I bought the bag. 


I will feel a little bit guilty, I always do when I spend an amount like that. (Which I’d like to point out is not that often. I can count them on my hand!) But I came away feeling like it was meant to be. So that’s the little tale of my trip to Bicester and my new bag, which after all, does have my name on it. 😊 And it will always remind me of my beautiful Lilah. There’s really nothing like retail therapy… 


Chloe x



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  1. piavibeke says:

    Ah what a fab day you’ve had. You so deserve those special treats and that bag was100% meant to be 💝 Love everything you bought xx

  2. Aah you are lovely. Thank you so much xx

  3. Danish Pastry says:

    Serendipity, need I say more…

  4. Charlotte Carter says:

    Good on you lady, enjoy! x x x

  5. Catherine Visockis says:

    Beautiful purchases! That bag is gorgeous😍 I think that something you got to listen to faith, and that bag was faith !

  6. Sounds like a great trip. I love your little treat from Chloe! And your exchanges. I always enjoyed a day at Bicester before we moved to Australia. Always came away with something!

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