What I’ve bought this month…

I thought I would do a little post on my recent purchases. A total hotchpotch  of homewear, children’s wear and things for me.

Starting with these boots which I seem to pull on at every opportunity. I bought them with our skiing trip in mind and can honestly say that they are the warmest, most comfortable boots that I have ever owned. I know they are not very pretty, but I think I prefer them to Uggs and I think they are more comfortable.


Ikkii Boots from Hushhomewear – Buy here in their sale. 

For my eldest daughter, I bought this gorgeous parka which she is thrilled with. She was lacking a warm coat and it was such a bargain at £16. I bought her the bright pink fur one in store, but they have both the blue and pale pink online. Great quality and look fantastic on.

Teens Fur Lined Parka from New Look – Was £39.99 now £16

Many of you will know from stories that I have had recent trouble with liquid eyeliner. Partly the shape and slight hoodedness of my eyes, but so many people suggested that I try the Urban Decay eye makeup primer. Well, I have and it’s totally brilliant. It really does work and my eyeliner has stayed put.


Urban Decay Primer – *Bestseller* – Buy here 

The other product that I bought was the Make-Up setting spray and I really like it. The man that sold it to me was a makeup artist and he said to tilt your head backwards, spray liberally and then fan yourself dry. It really does make your makeup last all day, especially if you are a face toucher like me. I am always leaning against my fists. It isn’t sticky, as I thought it might be and so far I have not broken out in spots!


Make up setting spray – Buy here (was £22, now £17.60) 

I was hugely tempted to buy the Eyeko eyeliner, as so many people raved about it. I think I will, but it will have to wait until next month now!


Eyeko Eye Do Eyeliner – £15 from M&S

Another purchase which I cannot recommend enough, is the Heatgen top from M&S. It comes in a lovely roll neck (so useful) and also a gorgeous black sparkle. Perfect for layering. Trust me, it would be £16 very well spent, especially in this weather.


Heatgen Turtle Neck – £16 from M&S 


Heatgen with Sparkle – Buy here

I also bought this mirror from Made.com which I am so pleased with. It’s heavy and sturdy and really beautiful.  I shopped around for a round mirror and this was an extremely good price. I thought it was going to be a bit light but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Of course it’s STILL sitting waiting to be hung up (it needs a drill!) a week later…


Mirror from Made.com – Buy here

From H&M home, I bought some bath mats and towels for the children’s bathroom as the ones they had were looking a little tired. I opted for black as they don’t get ruined as quickly as light towels do…

Bath Mat / Bath Towel / Bath Mat 

I also bought these two lovely candle sticks. They are so elegant.

Large Candlestick / Small Candlestick

I bought these earrings from &Otherstories and have barely taken them off. They also come in a large size which my friend was wearing last night and they looked amazing.


&Otherstories Graphic Hoops – Buy here

I think that’s all ?! Quite dangerous writing it all down – no wonder my credit card balance isn’t looking too healthy. You’ll notice that I haven’t bought that much to wear. This month was mostly about the children and the house and skincare.

I hope this post wasn’t too boring, but I love reading blogs where people tell me what they have spent their money on, so I thought I would do one! I am quite nosey though, so feel free to comment below if you don’t think I should. Ultimately I want to provide content that is fresh and interesting, so I welcome feedback and ideas too!

Ooh, before I go, here’s the interview I did for Sheerluxe. I’ve been a fan of of the online magazine since it launched, so  I was thrilled to be featured.


Chloe x


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  1. Kate evans says:

    As usual brilliant finds… I love your recommendations… so please keep them coming (although your blog has a worrying affiliation with me spending money!!) xx

  2. Surrey Mum says:

    Oh I love these types of posts! I watch Lydia Elise Millens you tubes on her hauls I love them! I too have bought mainly for my kids and the house this month, hopefully a few things for me in Feb!

  3. Clare M says:

    Love it! Definitely a good post!

  4. Kerry says:

    Love this post. I bought the New Look parka last week for my nearly 10 year old but I’m
    going to surprise her with it for our day out to see Strictly next week! Love the boots, I need some for Disneyland Paris as it will be freezing!! I’m going to get the eyeliner next week as can’t seem to find one I like. I already own both heatgens too and many more!! Thanks Chloe xx

  5. Oh what a treat! That will be such a fab mother daughter day out. Let me know how you get on with the eyeliner. The boots are not pretty but my goodness they are heaven to walk in and sooooo warm. xx

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