Ski Sunday

We are heading to the slopes for half term, a treat from my very lovely and generous father-in-law who was keen to see all 5 of his grandchildren on the slopes. We haven’t been for a few years, mostly due to the cost of a skiing holiday for a family of five, but also partly because Charlie hasn’t been old enough to learn. He is now 4, which they say is the perfect age to starting learning. I am hugely envious of the children learning while they are young. I did not see snow until the age of 24, and can count the number of times we have been skiing on one hand, so I am very much a beginner. On our last trip, when Charlie was 8 months old, we left him with my mum and I managed to get 5 days of one to one lessons in. Even though I was skiing by the time we left, I found it very stressful learning as an adult. Since becoming a mum I have developed a real fear of heights and become acutely aware of how important it is that I am well and able to care for the children. When I think about myself on skis, I have visions of skiing off the mountain, breaking a leg or worse and so I  have made the decision not to put myself through the stress of it all this holiday. I am never going to want to ski as fast as the children and my husband, who all love bombing down the mountain and so I don’t really see much point in beating myself up on those beautiful mountains.  I really do find it enormously stressful and life is too short to perservere with things that don’t make you feel happy. When you need a shot of schnapps with your breakfast in order to get the courage to get your ski boots on, you know something’s not quite right! I also don’t like my children seeing their 39 year old mum in a blubbing heap in the snow ‘saying I can’t do this!’ I am always telling the children never to say ‘ I can’t’ so I was not setting the best example.

So I have decided to get my walking boots on this holiday and will walk the slopes instead. With my camera of course, so expect to see some snowy snaps on instagram in a couple of weeks! Of course I still need skiwear, as even though I am not skiing, I will need to wear warm and waterproof kit to walk.

I bought my jacket pre-loved from Vestiaire Collective (the brand is Perfect Moment Sports) Vestiaire is always the first place I look for designer bargains.


Perfect Moment Jacket Was £405 now £199   from the

Or full price on Netaporter – see here


I bought my ski trousers from TK MAXX. A great place to look for bargain skiwear.

For base layers, Sweaty Betty has some amazing designs. See here


Look no further than M&S for heatgen base layers that you could wear under a top with your ski jacket over the top and leggings under your ski trousers. The quality is fantastic and they are very reasonably priced.

I have also been looking around for tops and knitwear with a bit of an apres ski vibe.


Margot Jumper – Boden Clearance – Was £100 now £29


Gemma Jumper – Boden Clearance – Buy here


Edith Jumper – Boden Clearance – Buy here


Iris Jumper – Boden Clearance – Buy here half price


Next – £20


Scuba Wool Knit – &Otherstories 


Star Burst Sweater – &Otherstories SALE ITEM

I always think it’s good to have polarised lenses for the slopes to help with the glare. These are from Illesteva, a great mid range brand of designer sunglasses.

Illesteva at Matchesfashion. 

I bought these boots from Hush for apres ski (nor not in my case!) They are sooo warm (lambskin) and very very comfortable.


Hush – Inuikki Sneaker – Was £190 now £140

Then for walking in the snow, I have a pair of Sorrel Caribou Boots in Black. They are amazing but I did have to size down by a half a size as they come up big.


Sorel Caribou Boots – with 20% off 

Next, if you in need of a pair of good ski goggles – take a look at this amazing selection at Zalando. 

There is also a great selection of ski jackets and trousers at Zalando.


Ski Jacket – Zalando – Buy here

Or have a look at H&M ski wear – inexpensive and some are in the sale.


H&M Skiwear – Was £59.99 now £47.99 

For Apres Skiwear I will be taking lots of warm cashmere. I can really recommend H&M cashmere. I have a dress from their premium range and it washed very well and there was very little bobbling. Have a look at their cashmere (some reduced) HERE

There is one jumper that I definitely will be taking with me – it’s like it was made for the slopes. My Bella Freud 1970 jumper.

Bella Freud.jpg

Bella Freud at Matchesfashion – Buy here

Aren’t these hats cute? (also Zalando) Buy here

And if you wear a helmet when you’re skiing (you should! ) then these are great for keeping your ears warm.


Barts Earwarmers – £16.99 (buy here)

And finally, don’t forget your ski socks. Always worth getting good ski socks!


Ski socks – Buy here


If you have kids to kit out, have a look at La Redoute  


Ski Jacket – La Redoute – Buy here

boden ski.jpg

Boden Skiwear – See here

I bought Charlie’s jacket from Mini A Ture. The quality and designs are amazing.


Mini A Ture at Alex and Alexa – Buy here

Also have a look at Alex and Alexa’s brilliant range of snowboots. 

And finally, some images to get you in the mood if you are heading to the slopes.



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  1. Jo says:

    Great post & lovely ideas. If you pass by Zug on your way to Wengen give me a wave 😊! My sister gave me the reversible neckwarmer from. Sweaty Betty for Christmas which I’ve worn almost every day this year. Completely understand your thoughts re skiing. I’m getting into it now, but am incredibly fortunate to be able to go often from here. You could have a go at snow shoes. Great fun & a fab workout! I definitely feel the burn after doing that! Enjoy! xx

  2. Louise Frances Thomas says:

    Hi Chloe, great blog post. I love skiing but haven’t been since we’ve had children and ours are too little right now but will hopefully go next year.
    I totally get your reasons for not wanting to ski. Maybe you will change your mind on the skiing on the odd day.. My mum had real fear- heights and also being out of control. She didn’t start until in mid thirties and each year we went she gained little more confidence. It was such a bonding time as a family. She and my dad now go, in their late fifties by themselves, with a group of friends. It was inspiring to see her give it a go each year – and made us mindful that parents too have things to overcome. she did sit the odd day out and sip cappuccinos on the terrace, and shop 😉
    However, if you don’t change your mind I look forward to your beautiful scenery photos and apres ski fashion inspo!!!
    Have a lovely time

    louise xx

    • Maybe I will change my mind once I am there. Last holiday I had a panic attack lying in bed, after handing back my ski boots after the 5 days. It was like I was soooo relieved that the built up stress came out as a panic attack. Couldnt breathe, thought it was curtains! 🙂 Never happened before and never want it to happen again which is why I made the decision not to ski. But you are so right. It would be lovely to be able to do it one day… xxx

  3. Sarah says:

    Ha! My husband is exactly the same as you. However – last time,we decided to spend mornings learning to snowboard while the children were in ski school. It was great fun, you wear so much protective clothing (bum pad, knee pads, wrist pads) that hurting yourself is pretty hard, and it’s fun being hopeless beginners together. x

  4. emma says:

    Really silly question but…. what kind of handbag do you take skiing? Do you even need one?? Obviously more for apres ski etc. Its my first time this Easter so really unsure about the whole thing! planning on a rucksack for hand luggage.

  5. Tessa says:

    Hi Chloe, I’d also recommend snow shoeing, it’s a great workout and you really get to appreciate the beautiful scenery around you which is difficult to do when you’re downhill skiing!

  6. H says:

    I used to feel like you in the run up to a ski holiday. I only learned to ski when I was 43…. I had a week of Group Ski lessons and by the time the following year came round I thought I’d forgotten it all. I joined another group, that I felt was too advanced and dropped down a level. Then we went twice a year for a couple of years so that I could build up my confidence. My husband already skied and our kids, started to learn at the same time as me. Our son was a natural and (I kid you not) had been moved from beginners to advanced in ONE DAY and was hurling fearlessly down red runs – and managed a tricky black that same holiday. Our daughter improved at a steady pace and ended up being the most stylish skier out of all of us. Our children are all grown up now; 21 and 25 and our days of ski-ing as a family are probably over. In fact none of us have skied for the last 4 years. I TOTALLY get that fear of becoming injured and not being able to look after your children. I have had a couple of nasty and scary falls although thankfully, have never broken anything. A helmet IS a must. I learned that the hard way, cracking my head hard on an icy slope in zero visibility and sporting a black eye as a result for the rest of the holiday. If you feel tempted at all, to give skiing another shot, I would thoroughly recommend group lessons with a couple of one to ones thrown in. The camaraderie is wonderful stuff. Caught in a blizzard once (I’m not selling this to you very well…..) the group was weaving its way behind the instructor to the nearest chalet. I couldn’t see a thing and my face was completely frozen. The guy behind me could see I was in difficulty and stopped to help me zip my hood up properly and wipe my goggles. So sweeeeet of him. I have no desire to EVER do a black run but give me a sweeping blue any day – unbeatable…… xx

  7. Carol says:

    It is a relief to find out I am not alone in my feelings about skiing. I too only learnt as an adult – at 30 – like you I am from South Africa so holidays for me growing up were about the beach and sunshine, never snow and slopes! I was in tears the first time – and that was on the baby slopes doing lessons alongside the tiny kids – the next couple of times was as a family with our two young daughters then age 6 & 8, a ski mad husband and very experienced skiing friends. I managed ok – both times did a week of group lessons – but never got to love it, in fact I was always relieved when it was all over at the end of each day, and always slightly dreading it every morning as we got all that kit on. Last April, we went on a family ski holiday to Austria – I realised when we got there and I took off down the slopes, that I DO NOT LIKE SKIING – I too am scared of heights, don’t like snow and being cold, particularly hate all that heavy ski clobber and most of all am terrified swishing down (more like bombing down out of control) the slopes. I had a panic attack on our first run – in tears, shaking and sweating, it took me an hour and a half to get down a half hour slope, with my very patient husband with me guiding me down. When I got to the bottom I could barely speak. Lovely husband sat me down at the outdoor bar, ordered me a large glass of wine – and I vowed then and there I was never skiing again. I am in my late forties, and am beyond giving things a go if I don’t want to. Life is too short to do things that make you miserable. So I spent the rest of the week going for long runs in the morning sunshine along the river, and reading several books. And every day when the girls and James set off for the slopes, I was so relieved NOT to be going too. Since then, people have said to me – “oh but you should do more lessons, you should do one on one lessons, you should do this, you should do that”. But I know myself – I just don’t get the thrill of it, I haven’t got over the fear, and I will be glad never to go on a ski trip again!

    • It’s so good to hear I’m not alone. I too had a panic attack last trip. My first and hopefully last. Why on earth would we put ourselves through something that brings on that?! I will make a far better ‘chalet maid’ 😂Thank you for sharing it’s so nice to know Im not the only one that feels this way!! X

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