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This week I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview of the Hush SS17 collection, along with lovely Fran (@the_fashionlift) and Kat. (@doesmybumlook40) I still have to slightly pinch myself when I am in their company. I followed and was a big fan of both of them for a long time before I started blogging, so I always feel enormously chuffed to be invited to these events. I have also been a long time fan of the brand, and predictably wanted almost every single piece in the collection. There’s a bright pink cashmere jumper which will be available to buy later on in the year that has my name all over it, and a beautiful dark floral silky dress, (some of you may have seen my snap of it on Stories)  which is also not available until high summer, but I will definitely be first in line.

Some of the new collection is already available to buy, so I thought I would share my favourite pieces with you.

Starting with one of your wardrobe staples. A good pair of jeans. If you’re a fan of the boyfriend style, then these are definitely worth trying. I would advise sizing down not up, as they are a relaxed fit. Boyfriend jeans look so good with sandals and a tee in the warmer months.

boyfriend jeans.jpg

Boyfriend Jeans – £75

Next are a series of lightening bolt pieces. Whether it’s a nod to the Starman, Usain, ACDC  or just the phenomenon of nature itself, there’s something very cool and aesthetically pleasing about the symbol. I think these t-shirts are going to be very popular, so don’t wait too long.


Rose Gold Lightening Bolt Necklace – £19

Mini Lightning bolt tee.jpg

Mini Lightening Bolt Tee – £30

I love absolutely everything about this look and some of my favourite t-shirts are from Hush. The cut is really flattering and they wash well.

Lightning bolt tee.jpg

Lightening Bolt Tee (Olive and Black) – £35

lightning BOlt sweat top.jpg

Lightning Bolt Grey Sweat Top – £50 

Moving on to one of my absolute favourite outfits. I actually wouldn’t mind all of it. The Hush styling is always pure perfection.

Relaxed Fit Trousers.jpg

Relaxed Fit Trousers – £120

Hooray for the elasticated waistband! If I were buying these I would go for a 6, I tend to find that the sizing in Hush is generous.

Now I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I did not know what the ‘Joanie Chachi’ reference was, (slightly before my time and I grew up in South Africa). However, now that I know, I think it’s amazing, but would feel a complete fraud wearing it, even though I absolutely love the design. So, if you were a Happy Days/ Joanie loves Chachi fan, then this one’s for you.

JOanie Chachi.jpg

Joanie Sweat – £50 

And finally, my absolute favourite are the beautiful leo print shoes that she’s wearing above.


Leo Flats – £170

I hope you’ve seen something you like! Happy Shopping…


Chloe x

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  1. Tanya says:

    The Hush collection is gorgeous! I’m also a South African, and had to Google the Joanie loves Chachi reference – clearly something that passed us by!

  2. Catherine Visockis says:

    This is definitely all beautiful wearable clothes! That lightning sweater😍. I am in the market for a pair of relax/boyfriend fit jeans, can you recommend something, I often find they make me look bigger than I am😢. I am a real pear shape. Thanks, Catherine.

    • HM are definitely worth trying if you want something inexpensive. One of my favourite pairs of boyfriend are from there. Next or Gap other places to try. But remember don’t push the style if they don’t make you feel good! X

      • Catherine Visockis says:

        Thank you! I will give it a try, I am tired of skinny, I feel like I have been the same uniform for years now! 🙄

  3. Carol says:

    I too am South African but a bit older than you (48 next month!) & we did indeed have Happy Days on SABC TV. Would have loved a Fonz reference on a tee though!

  4. Jen says:

    Only problem with the Joannie love Chachi reference is that Chachi is Scott Baio. Had a massive crush on him as a kid, but he came out as a staunch Trump supporter and was one of the most vocal people on air in the US begging everyone to vote for Trump. He came across as very racist.. so sadly this reference is now too political for me 🙁

  5. Loving the new Hush collection too, especially the leather jacket in the first image. So pretty. Lorraine x

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