Caring for Cashmere

Since I am such a fan of cashmere, and have built up quite a collection over the years, I thought I would share my tips on caring for it. It is fairly easy and you definitely don’t need to spend a fortune at the dry-cleaners…

1) Always wash cashmere separately (with other wool items) from your main wash. 

2) Always use the ‘Hand Wash’ or ‘Wool Cycle’ on your washing machine – this should be 20/30 degrees or the snowflake symbol on the washing machine. There’s no need to dry clean. 

3) Never spin on more than 800 – ideally it would be a 600 spin. 

4) Put your cashmere jumper in a delicates bag in the washing machine. (Although sometimes I forget to do this and I can’t tell the difference) 

5) Try using baby shampoo (inexpensive and very gentle) in the liquid dispenser. Otherwise Stergene for delicates will do. 

6) Always dry flat. I use our old baby changing mat to lay out the jumper and leave it in the boiler room to dry overnight. If you don’t have a boiler room, then flat against a radiator works too. 

7) I always iron my jumpers on a cool setting as it flattens out the fibres and they look finished. This is optional though. 

8) Buy a cashmere comb (or a pony wool comb) and comb after a few wears to remove pilling. I would advise against using a fabric shaver on cashmere. I think they are too aggressive and you can end up cutting the fibres 

9) Don’t wash your cashmere after every wear, unless you really need to. Wear it two or three times before washing. I keep mine in a delicates basket and tend to wash them altogether when I have enough of a wash to put on.

If you stick to these rules, your cashmere should last. Unless of course the pesky moths invade. I am afraid I don’t have any magic tips for deterring moths. The buggers love cashmere and will completely destroy it, given the chance. When storing, make sure that your jumper isn’t scented with perfume as they are attracted to strong smells. It’s also a good idea to vacuum your wardrobe.

Speaking of knitwear, the Me+Em sale is on, and some of my favourite jumpers are in it!

Merino Wool Jumper.jpg

100% Merino Wool Double Rib Swing Jumper 

BLack polo.jpg

100% Merino Black Polo


Swing Jumper 

They also have some gorgeous cashmere joggers which have gone into the sale.

I hope the cashmere care tips help!


Chloe x

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  1. Kirsty Taylor says:

    Hi Chloe about the moths ! I save all my asos plastic bags and keep my knitwear or anything that may get moth bitten in them in the wardrobe ! May help . Love kirsty xxx

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  2. Kate says:

    I buy little bags of lavender and tuck them in with my cashmere in the drawer – haven’t had any devastating moments of finding holes in my most expensive sweaters (why do they always go for the best ones?!) since x

  3. Charliesgirl says:

    I have recently had a terrible moth problem with my cashmere. Having done some research on this, it seems the way professionals store cashmere is in poly bags with tiny holes in (you can get these on Amazon) and then in plastic boxes. The special plastic holes help the wool to breath but keep the bugs out. I have also bought really good hanger kits from Lakeland. I wouldn’t say the small moth sachets work as well as the hanger kits. The other thing is not to leave cashmere needing to be laundered around or even clean cashmere just hanging up or even warming on radiators near open windows. If cashmere is used frequently, stored clean and packed in bags, it’s difficult for the moths to get to. I now shut my windows at around 4pm to avoid attracting more bugs to the light. The final thing is to use a steam iron. A bio-pesticide expert I worked with said steam is the only thing that works – the eggs even survive freezing. Hope no-one else has this problem, xxx

  4. Marie says:

    I love the pink sweater in the first picture Do you have any details to share?

  5. Nikki says:

    Hi Chloe, love your fantastic pics, you’re costing me a fortune!! However can I ask if you wash your Bella Freud jumpers, after finally buying one I’m terrified of washing it! 😫

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