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Alas, I have given up on the shops. They’re crowded, hot, untidy and very seldom seem to have the size I am looking for, which usually means I end up ordering online whilst sitting on the bus on the way home. So I decided to put aside some online xmas shopping time today. I know my husband is after a new navy cashmere jumper for Christmas, so I hopped onto Boden this afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised by a 30% discount, plus free delivery and returns for the next two days. I have ticked so much off my Xmas Shopping list with one single order, so I thought I would share my little edit with you. Hopefully saving you browsing time, thinking time (and money!)


  1. Boys Endurance Crew Jumper in Navy with Red – Was £29.50 now £20.65
  2. Party Blazer – Was £44.50 now £31.15
  3. Jersey Jeans – Were £25.50 now £17.85
  4. Boys Duffle Coat – Was £59.50 now £35.70
  5. Glow in the Dark PJS – Was £25.50 now £15.75 (only age 3 left)
  6. Suede Desert Boots – Was £39.50 now £23.70

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

  1. Sequin Stripe Joggers – Were £26.50 now £18.55
  2. Velvet Star Dress – Was £34.50 now £24.15
  3. Glitter Slippers – Were £20.50 now £14.35
  4. Breton Top – Was £15.50 now £10.85
  5. Faux Fur Coat – Was £50.50 now £35.35
  6. Ric Rac Tulle Skirt – Was £34.50 now £20.70
  7. Mouse Slippers – Were £14.50 now £10.15

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

  1. Silk Pyjamas ( I have asked for these for xmas) – Were £139 now £97.30
  2. Cashmere Roll Neck (perfect for xmas day!) – Was £119 now £83.30
  3. Burgundy Pony Hair Flats – Were £79.50 now £47.70
  4. Suede Slipper Shoe – Were £89.50 to £62.65
  5. Studded Points – Were £89.50 now £62.65
  6. Leopard Strappy Bow Flats – were £69.50 now £41.70


  1. Cashmere Half Zip – Was £139 now £97.30 
  2. Cashmere V Neck – Was £129 now £90.30
  3. Cotton Poplin Pull ons – Were£34.50 now £24.15
  4. 100% lambswool Roll Neck – was £59.50 now £41.65

I don’t think you can beat Boden for well made, good quality clothes and they make great presents for children, godchildren and loved ones.

Happy Shopping!


Chloe x

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