Miranda Dunn London Fur


I have wanted a pink faux fur coat for ages, but there is a lot of cheap faux fur around and when faux fur is cheap, it ain’t pretty!  Then my wonderful friend, Miranda Dunn, produced the coat of my dreams. Don’t worry, I know a pink fur coat will not be at the top of everyone’s wish list, but the good news is that Miranda can make these coats in a variety of different colours. The fur is amazingly soft, and the coats are cut by hand, so they are completely bespoke and excellent quality.

Miranda works with brands such as Finery, Anthropology, ASOS White, John Lewis, Laura Ashley and MIH, so you can be assured of the finest quality and excellent production values.


Sizes are XS, Small, Medium and Large. (I am wearing a small but I probably could do with an XS. Which would be a 6/8) They are designed to allow room for a jumper to be worn underneath. 


Body – Pale Pink, Black, Navy, Bottle Green and Camel 


Lettering – Cream, Leopard, Pale Pink and Pale Blue.


Up to three letters or you can have plain if you prefer.

Cost and Ordering

The cost of the coat is £350 including postage if personalised and £295 for plain. (Given the quality of the fur, the lining and finish, and that they are completely bespoke, I think this is a very good price, especially when I compare it to the cost of another faux fur coat that I own, which isn’t personalised…) To order, you can email me at chloelovestoshop@yahoo.co.uk or miranda@mirandadunn.com your coat specifications, email address (for invoice) phone number and home address.

Other stuff

The coat has two pockets and mine has satin silver lining. It also has four gold fastenings.  If you want to ask any questions feel free! 

Petrol Blue with Leo Lettering





8 thoughts on “Miranda Dunn London Fur

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  1. Hi Chloelovestoshop
    I was looking forward to reading about this coat on instagram, but when I try now to click on your page it won’t let me? I loved seeing your stories. Don’t under why I can’t
    hils_gf (my instagram account) xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Chloe, which colour Miranda Dunn fur coat have you worn the most? Love them all but can’t decide between ordering black or camel? Love to know which has been your most useful/fave. Congrats again on 20k! Nic xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Nic. It’s definitely a toss up between the two colours… camel is softer, but black probably goes with more of my wardrobe. I suppose that if I was investing long term, I would probably go for black….hope that helps!!


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