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When I moved my blog over from the old service provider to WordPress, I wasn’t able to move over the content, but a few people have asked me about writing a blog on Ebay tips, so I am resurrecting a very old post… Apologies to people who have read it before!  I do, as you know, now own the Chloe Susannas!

I am on a bit of a wardrobe clearout mission at the moment, in an attempt to save up enough to buy a pair of Chloe’s ‘Susanna’ studded boots. I have wanted a pair since my
uber stylish friend bought hers about 2 years ago. She would walk past my office most days and I could hear the little jingle jangle her boots made way before she made an appearance and it made me love them even more. I am not doing badly, so far I am about half way there. I made a pact with myself that I would list at least two things a day. That way it would never feel too daunting and I wasn’t tempted to say ‘Oh sod it, it’s all going to the charity shop!’  (Plenty has gone to charity, I have two piles, one for eBay and one for the charity shop)
I thought I would share a few things that I have learnt along the way.
1) It is better to photograph clothes on a body or a dress dummy if you have one, so that the buyer can get a good idea of how they fit and hang.
2) List designer items at a fixed price (with an option to accept best offers) and let high street items go to auction, with your start price around the amount you wouldn’t mind it selling for. My test is to think about what I would pay for it if it was in a charity shop and factor in postage.
3) Never estimate postage costs. I charge exactly what postage costs, I hate to be ripped off on postage and I think with eBay you should ‘Do as you would be done by’. The Ebay selling section has a postage calculator, so all you need is a little kitchen scale and a tape measure. Ideally you should weigh and measure up once the item is packaged up and ready to go. I have started using MyHermes courier service instead of Royal Mail, as I had a few things go missing and it was actually cheaper to use the courier service. Their prices start at £2.75 for a small parcel.
4) When listing an item, be as honest as possible. If there is a mark on a sleeve, make a note of that in the description and photograph it, if you can.
5) Draft items during the day, save them and then list them at night. Apparently auction items fetch higher prices if the listing ends at night time, as there is more activity during the evening.
6) Set yourself a goal of an item you really, really want. If you are at all unsure about selling an item in your wardrobe, then you have an item of desire to measure up against. Ask yourself if what you are saving up for sparks more joy than the item you are undecided about parting with. It worked for me!
Another thing I am trying very hard to do, is resist the £20/£30 ‘here and there’ purchases. I am a huge fan of the high street, but these little purchases all add up, and so I am applying the 30 wears rule wherever I can. I think I may have made this confession before on the blog, but I get enormous pleasure out of online shopping, waiting for it to arrive, receiving it and then realising it’s not a brilliant buy and sending it back. Sometimes it feels like I have made money when I see the credit in my account. Ridiculous, but true!
If you are on an ebay mission, GOOD LUCK. It is hard work and does take time, but I can assure you, once you have saved up enough for the item you desire, it is worth every trip to the post office, every ‘pile’ around the house and you will love and treasure that item more than anything else in your wardrobe!


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  1. Thankyou Chloe! Your post has just come at the right time as eBaying has been on my to do list. Would love a Bella jumper (and a Gucci disco bag 😍😍) but can’t justify the cost without selling some of the things that have been languishing in the cupboard for too long. Happy Friday!! Xxx

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  2. Just read this for the first time and it’s really good advice. I’ve been selling too and try to be strict now with what I buy. Like you say, it’s so easy to fritter away small amounts and I’m also guilty of going on an online spending spree, only to regret as soon as it arrives ! And I hate all that repackinga and returning !! Xx

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